A Powerful Proven Online Course To Help You Create A New Income Stream By Creating and Launching Your Business Offer Online.

10 Weeks Of Learning, Application, Coaching, Breaking Through Your Limits, Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Getting Over Yourself And Getting Your Business Out There To Help People And Change Your Life!

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Time To Stop Talking & Start Doing

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Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Own Way and Finally Get Online?

You know you have thought about this for so long, you may have even started to craft your offer. 

You have an idea of what you want to create, what you want to launch to the world, you know you want to make more income and the worst part is you know you can help people with your business!! 

You see others doing it and wonder why the heck you haven’t gotten there yet! 

You Know Going Online Is The Way To Leverage Your Income & Create More Lifestyle Time For You!

What if you could create customers from anywhere in the world or increase your local customer base beyond what you think possible for yourself?

What if you could create more income, more customers and take more time off?

What if you could spend more time with the ones You love, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Why You Can Do This

Everyone who works with me, has a whisper that they know they can make IT!

They know they have something special in them and they have determination to make their business work. 

I work with people who want to succeed who want to leap and take action. 

Who want to be coached to online success!

How The Course Works

Learn & Apply 

10 Weeks of Online Training Videos Teaching You Each Step 

Coaching You 

10 Weeks of HotSeat Calls And Mindset Videos To Break Through Your Crap Holding You Back!


Lifetime Access To A Community Who Are On A Success Mindset Creating Their Business Online. 

Once You Join Create & Launch Bootcamp You Will Learn Proven Systems That You Will Implement To CreateYour New Online Income Stream

  • Clarify and Create You​​​​r  Offer 
  • Create 1 or more Digital Products
  • A Sales Funnel Including  A Sales Page
  • A System Accepting Online Payment
  • Increased List & Community
  • A Launch Webinar
  • A Launch Plan 
  • A Launch Implementation System
  • A Facebook Ad Plan 
  • 12 Month Online Strategy Plan
  • Join a Community of Online Entrepreneurs 
  • Understand the process to apply to the rest of your business.
  • A Sales Funnel Including  A Sales Page
  • A System Accepting Online Payment
  • Increased List & Community
  • A Launch Plan 
  • A Launch Implementation System
  • A Facebook Ad Plan 
  • 12 Month Online Strategy Plan

You know up until know you may have tried this on your own and it hasn’t worked! Believe me I know this journey there are so many up’s and down’s – you need the support to bring you to the winning finish line!

It Is Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way & Go For It

If You Are An Action Oriented Business Person WhoTakes Instruction and Coaching and Takes Action This Course Is For You!

Have you thought about expanding your business online but you don’t know?

Do you have a product, service offer or digital product you know you want to get out there but you are stuck?

Are you so tired of thinking about doing it you know it is finally time!

Results From Previous 

  • 100% Made Multiple Streams Of New Income
  • 66% Made Their Money Back
  • 100% Increased The Size Of Their List
  • 66% Made Over €5000
  • 100% Finally Created Their Long Awaited Online Business
  • 100% Grew Into Stronger Confident Online Entrepreneurs

If They Can Do It So Can You!

Honestly, I’m doing this a long time and the one thing that is holding you back is not technology or strategy but yourself! I am not only a tech head who loves systems but also a coach, I can see limiting beliefs from a 100 miles away, this is why with Create & Launch mastermind we do not just create and launch your offer, we create and launch you as an online entrepreneur! 

Why You Need This Program

It Is Time To Spread Your Business Wings & Fly Higher

Are you ready to expand your business online?

Have you been working on your business but not progressing as much as you would like?

Why It Is Different from other programs

It Is Time To Get Super Clear

Have you been trying to figure out your best business path, the technology, the marketing all on your own?

Are you lacking clarity on what is possible for you?

It Is Time To Get Super Focused

Would you love to work smarter consistently?

Would you love to know exactly what you should be working on every month?

It Is Time To Believe In Yourself

Do you find your self believe in yourself and your business goes up and down like a yo-yo?

It Is Time To Work On Your Business 

Do you have little time to work on your business and your success?

It Is Time To Create & Launch Online 

Do you want to expand your business online but you just haven’t gotten around to it?

You have been thinking about it a while but you just haven’t made it happened yet….

perhaps it is not just procrastination….

perhaps you are a little scared too… it can be hard to put yourself out there at first!

You Want To

Reach more people, help more people and share your knowledge.

Create packages, services, offers and share them with the world?​

Position your business on a whole new level!​

Create online programs to leverage your knowledge and income.​


Alison Hogan,Owner, PilatesOnline.ie

I first met Martha when I took the plunge and attended her two-day ‘Retreat to move forward’ workshop. Even though I was hugely out of my comfort zone I enjoyed the dynamic of the small group and the space it gave to seriously start to create your online product. In doing so we got to explore exactly what that was and gain fantastic insight and clarity. Following this, I just knew that Martha’s MasterMind group was for me and even though I had a big price objection (its hard to justify a big spend both financially and time on a pie in the sky dream) I dived in head first.

I could not be happier and comfortable with the amazing ladies in my group and of course Martha. Her Mastermind structure is fantastically designed to organically grow your knowledge base and hone your online skills without limiting your ability to ‘do’ during the 9 months. Martha is an endless stream of sound advice and recommendations based on her own ‘tried and tested’ experience which is an important factor for me.

I started the mastermind in February and in just 3 months I’ve already had my first 4figure launch for one product and I’m currently launching my second! If I had not listened to my heart when it called, I would have found plenty of objections to undertaking this programme, and I would be still merely dreaming of what I have already achieved! I am excited about the limitless possibilities the next 6 months will bring for each of us as we support and cheer each other on to great things.. under Martha’s watchful eye of course!!

Create & Launch Mastermind Levels

Bootcamp Circle

Byline about this plan.

30 Members

  • 12 Weeks Online Program 
  • 12 Week HotSeat Mastermind Calls 
  • Weekly Hot Seat Group Calls **Selected Person Gets Hot Seat
  • 12 Week Mastermind 
  • Lifetime Access, access each time program is run*

Payment Plan

€147/ month

 8 payments


Pay In full (save €179)



Freedom Circle

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30 Members 

  • 12 Month Mastermind 
  • Create and Launch Content – 12 modules
  • Monthly Hot Seat Group Calls **Selected Person Gets Hot Seat
  • 4 Goal Setting Calls
  • Monthly Hot Seat Group Calls

Payment Plan

€520 First Payment +€180 * 11 payments


Pay In full (save €179)



Velocity Circle

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20 Members 

  • Freedom Circle PLUS
  • Monthly Group Calls *Each Person Gets Hot Seat
  • 2 Day Online Business Retreat 
  • 2 1:1 Power Session To Map Out Your 12 month strategy and review
  • 4 Strategy Mastermind  Live Tutorial Calls 

Payment Plan

€500 First Payment + €285 * 12 payments 


Pay In full (save €420)





Byline about this plan.

10 Members 

  • Velocity Circle PLUS
  • 9 Mastermind Meet Up Days – Get It Done Days- 1 /Month
  • 3 1:1 Power Session To Map Out Your 12 month strategy and review
  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

Payment Plan

€1480 First Payment + €335 * 12 payments 


Pay In full (save €500)



Learning To Ride Stage 1

Day 1 The Clarity & Goal Setting Day

 Day 2 Online Program Design & Community Building

Day 3  Launch Planning, Implementation, Founding Launch Product Launch Trial

Your Stabilizer’s Are Off Stage 2

Day 4  List Building Strategising

Day 5  Email Marketing

Day 6 Webinars

You Are A Master Sprinter Stage 3

Day 7 Launch Ready, Launch Plans and Rocket Fuel!

Day 8  Master Launch

Day 9  Review & Metrics& Next Launch Planning

Stop Doing Bits & Pieces & Not Finishing Any One Strategy, Work In A Group All Working Towards Their Success Online.

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