A system that takes your online program idea from concept to a real live online program within the first 6 weeks!  In the first 12 weeks you will have created and launched your first online program.Over the 12 months following the Create & Launch system you will launch multiple times. You will nail running & launching your online program to master YOUR online digital income.

This Mastermind Also Grows You As an Online Entrepreneur  Who Has The Courage & New Success Mindset To Create A Global Online Business!

Next Registration Opens 


Getting FINALLY your idea out of your head! Imagine you will have your online program created using my special formula and launch planned, you will understand your goals for the year, you will have a clear plan and path to follow to launch your first online program within the first 12 weeks of joining! 

What if you could create customers from anywhere in the world or increase your local customer base beyond what you think possible for yourself?  What if you could create more income, more customers and take more time off? 

What if you could spend more time with the ones You love, wouldn’t it be worth it? Get paid while you are not even at work. Create re-occurring income, no more feast or famine.

Your 12 Month Mastermind Starts When You Join!

Join Today Pay €800 and 9 Easy Payments of €800OR Just 1 Payment of €7000 (Save €1000)!

Package Your Expertise Into Online Courses To Create A New Revenue Stream & Leverage Your Income Beyond Brick and Mortar. Create a revenue system you can turn simply turn on. 

Your Transformation

This mastermind will not only take you on a journey of creating and launching your online programs but also guide you on a path of growth to receive being the owner of a global business. There are going to be personal speed bumps you are going to encounter, I have been through each and everyone of them personally, this is the where some magic happens! I get you get unstuck I move you forward and you grow out of your comfort zone into a whole new business owner! 

Who Is This Mastermind For?

This mastermind is anyone who wants to share their knowledge, purpose and brilliance with a wider audience online. 

Who wants to package it in an online program and sell it globally.

You do not know how but you are ready to learn and take action. 

  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Leaders
  • Sales 
  • Retail
  • Design
  • Accountants 
  • Book keepers
  • Consultants
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Photographers
  • Automotive 
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management
  • Speakers
  • Education 
  • Real estate
  • Pharmacutical
  • Health Professionals
  • Tax Specialists
  • Hospitality
  • Media Professionals
  • Information Technology Specialists

And Many More….There is someone somewhere you wants to 

buy your knowledge or expertise 

to Fast Track their own path.

You May Be One Of These People

  • You didn’t even know you could do this and now you have lots of ideas!
  • You are thinking about creating an online course but you haven’t a clue where to start!
  • You have been thinking about creating an online course but you have never gotten around to it.
  • You have started creating an online course but it has been sitting in your desktop folders, never seeing the light of day@
  • You have your online course created, you have got some sales but you want to really maximise your income from it.

Everyone who works with me, has a whisper that they know they can make IT! 

They know they have something special in them and they have determination to make their business work.  

I work with action orientated business owners who want to succeed who want to leap and take action.  

Who want to be coached to online success!

What To Expect Over Your 12 Months

The 12 Month Mastermind Is Divided Into 3-4 Launches Depending On You and Your Audience’s Calendar the Launch Dates will vary

Founding Members Launch Month 1-3

​Big Launch Trial  Month 4-6

Big Launch  Month 7-9

Reviews,Tweaks Month 9-12

Program Details 

Module 1  Identify The Problem, Blocks, Project & Customer

  • Exploring your online program idea and concept
  • How to create a growth mindset for online success
  • Understanding how to organise your projects
  • Understanding why your customer clarity is key to your success
  • Understanding what a launch is and how you can customise it to your business.

Module 2  Identify The Problem, Blocks, Project & Customer

  • Understanding the different types of launches you can design
  • Understanding & designing your sales funnel
  • Reverse Engineering Your Success
  • Planning Your Numbers For Success
  • Understanding pricing to ensure confidence and business growth.
  • Planning For Facebook Advertising

Module 3  Designing Your Online Program & Member Launch

  • Understand how your online program needs to be designed for success. 
  • Plan and implement your members launch to gain proof of concept and happy testimonials. 

Module 4 Running Your Program Best Practices For Happy & Referring Customers

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 5 Design & Implement Your Love Launch Journey

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 6Advertising, Metrics and Staying On Track For Results

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 7Running Your Big Launch Trial 1

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 8Review Your Big Launch

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 9 Implement Your Big Launch

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 10Run Your Big Launch

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 11Run Your Program with best practices & a team

Module summary What You will discover 

Module 12Review and Plan Your Next 12 Months

Module summary What You will discover 

Your 12 Month Mastermind Starts When You Join!

Join Today Pay €800 and 9 Easy Payments of €800OR Just 1 Payment of €7000 (Save €1000)!

Alison Hogan, PilatesOnline.ie

Case Study

Alison Hogan, came to the mastermind an expert pilates instructor who wanted to expand her business online, with much hesitation about doing video…this soon changed!. At the end of the Create and Launch Mastermind Alison has created her signature program Mamalates Restore Your Core 21 day online program for mums, a free 7 day kickstat fitness program for mums, Burn – an intensive fitness program, and also a joint venture with another masterminder Jemma called Blitz and Burn. She has had 4 figure launches, grown her list , community and also ran her first workshops for her online members to come together.  Possibly even more important she has made the wareness to so many more women that lower back and pelvic floor dysfunction does not have to be the normal. Alison has found a mission and purpose to help people reconnect with bodies, get fit and have fun. All of this also allowed her to take a night off from her studio to be with her kids, perhaps the best result!

Dervilla Clarke, Dervillaclarke.comCreate and Launch Mastermind 2017

Case Study

Dervilla, came to the mastermind not sure of who her ideal customer should be and did not have a solid business model or any online programs. She completed Create and Launch Mastermind with customer clarity, her ideal client is Business Women who understand that creating a powerful mindset, healing, growing and self care are the key principles to success. Dervilla now works with women who want to heal, grow and Tap Into Their Brilliance. She  maximised her 1:1 client packages to increase her baseline income, created list growing tools and set up an automated booking system.  Dervilla created and launched her entry program 5 Steps To Shake You Up For Success and then her signature program Mind Yourself Mind Your Business.

Join The Create And Launch Mastermind

You are ready to maximise your results, fast track your business and sky rocket to YOUR next level online, as quickly as you possibly can.

 You know the power of a mastermind and the extra support  will maximise your business results and also keep you on track, motivated, inspired to take incredible action each week. 

  • Daily and weekly Accountability, kickassing if you do not turn up. 
  • 2 Mastermind Calls A Month
  • 1 Maximise Your Systems/Funnel Call – 3 Hour Call To Build A System/Funnel Live Together every quarter
  • Set your goals every 7, 30 and 90 days
  • Create and Launch Video Training, guides, templates and worksheets. 
  • checkFour  Live In Person  1 Day Events every 90 days in Galway, Ireland.
  • checkPrivate Community of Like Minded Action Orientated Inspiring People
  • check3 Power Clarity & Strategy Sessions 1:1 online 
  • check4 Health, Mindset & Energy Bonus Webinars, you know that your health and energy is vital to your vibe and attracting your tribe.
  • check4 Big Business & Life Vision Board Bonus Calls, stay on track with your vision of the business and life that you want to create. 
  • checkMeditation and Affirmation Audios to guide you on a daily basis to create a growth and love mindset for success, so that you are feeling powerful to turn up on a daily basis. 

Full Price €8,000

Pay Full Investment €7,000, Save €1000, 


Payment Plan Pay €800 Now And €800*9

What You Will Achieve In 12 Months 

  • Maximise Your Current Income
  • Create  1 or more  Online Programs that leverage your business and position you as an expert in your area.
  • Setup Your Systems For Online Programs and Automated Business, so you finally have your business working for you!
  • Have multiple Launches, build your online muscle to really learn how to grow your business over 12 months.  
  • Grow Your List, to expand your customer base and become known for what you do.
  • Create a new income stream, finally have new ways in which you can earn money that do not depend on you. Allowing you to have sick days and still get paid! Or take an extended holiday! 
  • Raise Your Profile, as your online presence grows you will become known for what you do! 
  • Grow your confidence online and offline, become more the entrepreneur you want to be, living your purpose and enjoying life. 
  • Make like minded friends for life
  • checkAnd soooo much more!!

The Live Events

There will be 4 Live 1 Day Events For Level 2 in Galway for you to come network, immerse yourself in high vibe success energy to re-motivate you, set goals, learn, reset your mindset and get work done!


Join a community on a mission for online success! Meet like minded people who want to succeed, who will motivate you to do better and be more of who you REALLY want to be.

You know up until now you may have tried this on your own and it hasn’t worked! Believe me I know this journey there are so many up’s and down’s – you need the support to bring you to the winning finish line and mentoring and coaching to help you avoid the pitfalls!

Your 12 Month Mastermind Starts When You Join!

Join Today Pay €800 and 9 Easy Payments of €800OR Just 1 Payment of €7000 (Save €1000)!

Jemma Kehoe, JemmaKehoenutrition.com

Case Study

Jemma came to the mastermind working several years as an excellent nutritional therapist with a busy practice. She too wanted to expand her business online and create smart systems to help her business work for her. Jemma created her signature program  4 Week Energy Booster and a 12 week Energy Support Program. She also created smaller products available for sale on her website. Jemma restructured her everyday business to maximise her income and serve her clients better. She now has systems and a new income streams set up. Jemma has also grown her community and harnessed the power of her radio podcasts to spread her message of health to an even wider community. Jemma helps people realise health can be easy and she shows you exactly how. 

About Martha Fraser

Hi ! Martha here, I am delighted to be part of your path to your online success. I know you may be 1 of 2 things scared or excited. I’ve been on both sides of these feelings over the last 10 years of my own journey online. I have helped 100’s of people with their online business and I have had customers in 8 different countries. 

I have created a full online income for myself that allows me to work part-time and be with my kids in the afternoon. I have designed my life and income to create a life that gives me more time to be a mum without my income being dependant on the hours I work.  I have been creating and launching online programs since 2010 with 5 Figure launches.

If you are ready to leverage your income and your life, get ready for an exciting 12 months ahead for you! Here’s to your online success



Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not sure this mastermind is for me? 

You have 14  days to cancel your payment, after this time you will be in contract for 12 months to complete the mastermind. 

What if I do not know which one to join?

You can upgrade from Evolve to FastTrack or vice versa at any time with contracts being modified accordingly. 

What if I don’t know what online program to create? 

In the first month of the program we work on clarity and your offer so I will help guide you on this to create a winning title and online program.

What if I’m not techy?​​​​

You do not have to be techy to create an online program, you can actually create your first online program with very little tech, however I also give you access to my Tech Hub and that teaches you “How To” if you are interested. 

What if I am sacred of being visible online 

This happened to me and to a lot of my clients, don’t worry I guide you every step of the way. I help you jump those mindset hurdles and leap to new levels and help you create a growth mindset. 

Your 12 Month Mastermind Starts When You Join!

Join Today Pay €800 and 9 Easy Payments of €800OR Just 1 Payment of €7000 (Save €1000)!

Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Finally Get Online?

You know you have thought about this for so long, you may have even started to craft your online course. You see others doing it and wonder why the heck you haven’t gotten there yet! 

  • Do you want to create an online program and do multiple launches in 2018
  • Are you looking for support from a mentor who can help you avoid the pitfalls to get you to your results faster?
  • Are you looking for accountability and focus to reach your goals?
  • Do you want get it done calls to help you stay ahead?
  • Are you looking for someone to help you create the right mindset to help you set yourself up for success?
  • Are you tired of doing it alone?
  • Are you looking for a second pair of eyes on your business that can provide expert online advice, ideas, technology, tools and a mentor who can bring your business further and faster than if you continued on your own?
  • This Is You At The End Of 2018

    • You have online products that provide new income streams for your business.
    • You have systems finally setup that help automate your business.
    • You are spending more time with your family.
    • You reached your 2018 goals unlike 2017.
    • You didn’t sabotage yourself as much as you did in 2017, you had someone to keep you on track.
    • You did not feel alone, you were flying with a flock, supported and motivated together.
    • Your whole mindset has changed, you grew to be the entrepreneur you knew you could be.
    • Your Big Vision finally came to life no longer just thoughts in your head! 
    • You had someone to help you open your wings to give you courage to fly.
    • You finally got more organised, you feel in control and no longer lost. 
    • You have a plan and strategy that you work off weekly. 
    • You have grown your community on a massive level, because you have upleveled your own mindset, more and more people are attracted to work and buy from you. 

    I Know What Is Holding You Back!

    Honestly, I’m doing this a long time and the one thing that is holding you back is not technology or strategy but yourself!

     I am not only a tech head who loves systems but also a coach, I can see limiting beliefs from a 100 miles away, this is why with Create & Launch mastermind we do not just create and launch your online course, we create and launch you as an online entrepreneur!

    It Is Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way & Go For It

    If You Are An Action Oriented Business Person WhoTakes Instruction and Coaching and Takes Action This Mastermind  Is For You!

    Have you thought about expanding your business online but you don’t know? Do you have a product, service offer or digital product you know you want to get out there but you are stuck? Are you so tired of thinking about doing it you know it is finally time!

    Results From Previous Graduates 

    • 100% Made Multiple Streams Of New Income
    • 66% Made Their Money Back
    • 100% Increased The Size Of Their List
    • 66% Made Over €5000 
    • 100% Finally Created Their Long Awaited Online Business
    • 100% Grew Into Stronger Confident Online Entrepreneurs
    • 100% Finished with a clear business model and income structure they didn’t have before. 
    • 100% are now more confident online. 
    • 100% said they would not have achieved any of this on their own

    If They Can Do It,So Can You!

    You Want To..

    Reach more people, help more people and share your knowledge.

    Create packages, services, offers and share them with the world?

    Position your business on a whole new level!

    Create online programs to leverage your knowledge and income.

    Your 12 Month Mastermind Starts When You Join!

    Join Today Pay €800 and 9 Easy Payments of €800OR Just 1 Payment of €7000 (Save €1000)!

    If you are tired of working alone, if you want support for the wins and the lessons, if you want to expand your business online and accelerate come join the Create and Launch Family.

    I guide you online weekly, monthly and when we get together we get work done and ticked off the list. 

    Create and Launch Mastermind helps you create time to work on your business and expand it online.  

    This Is Not For You If…

    This is not for you if you are looking for a done for you service, this is a valuable mentoring program.

    This Is For You If…

    This program is for you if you are ready to put some smart systems in place, if you want to learn how to create a strategy for your business.

    You are ready to get to work and get some implementation in place in your business. I will mentor and guide you during the process.

    Your 12 Month Mastermind Starts When You Join!

    Join Today Pay €800 and 9 Easy Payments of €800OR Just 1 Payment of €7000 (Save €1000)!

    Design The Business & Life You Want To Live, Giving You More TimeWith The People You Love