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This course does exactly what is says on the tin. By the end of this 6 weeks you will have your online course created. Time to stop procrastinating, join with others on a journey and fly with a flock who want to FINALLY get their course created. 

Imagine In 6 Weeks Having Your Online Program Created!

  • Imagine having new digital assets that you can now offer as an add on to your current services or as a whole new offering. 
  • Imagine increasing your income by $1000 -$5000 a month.
  • Imagine with this new income you could work less in your business and take more time off.

What Is Included In The Program

Week 1 Clarity Of You

  1. Clarify your Brilliance.
  2. Clarify your USP.
  3. Clarify your Passion.
  4. Clarify your Customer.
  5. Brainstorm your online Program Ideas!

Week 2 Designing Your Online Course

  1. Outline your online course in 30 minutes!
  2. Discover your purpose, vision, mission and impact.
  3. Learn the golden grail quality of every successful online course, your belief!

Week 3 Setup and Fly Test

  1. 45 Questions to nail all aspects of your program.
  2. Setting up your Technology for lean startups and leveraged businesses.
  3. The Fly Stick Test
  4. Setting up Paypal/stripe.

Week 4 Creating Content

  1. Setting Yourself Up For Success
  2. Creating Your Program Roadmap
  3. Creating Worksheets, Checklists, Funsheets!
  4. Creating Training Videos
  5. Storing & Delivering Your Content
  6. Online Program Creation Productivity
  7. Getting Your Videos Created Professionally

Week 5 Sales Automation

  1. Creating your sales page - using my Plug and Play Sales Page Template
  2. Creating Automated Payment and setup for enrollment.
  3. On-boarding new customers
  4. Creating your program email sequence
  5. Managing your customer's program exiting process.

Week 6 Monetizing Your Program

  1. Seven Ways to make money from your program and increase your revenue now!

Bonus: 6 Live Calls

Bonus: Facebook Live Q&A Checkups

Bonus: Once a member join in for every time the program is run live. 


Some Clients  Who Have Created

Their Online Programs With Me

This is for you if...

You Want to package your knowledge and passion, create a new way to spread your passion further to more people and help you increase your income.

  • bullseye
    You work hard for yourself, you are "TRYING" too hard to make it all work, to just make an income. 
  • bullseye
    You have heard of online programs, but you do not know where to start. You have thought so long about doing it, you have seen others do it and  you just need support, accountability and a framework to follow. 
  • bullseye
    You want to put yourself out there online to reach a wider audience, but you are afraid.  So you procrastinate!! Time to stop, time to take action. There are no more excuses. As Yoda says "do or do not, there is not try" :)

Owner, Niamh Burke Nutrition

I started with Martha Fraser in 2015. I found her step by step process really helped to give me the direction I needed. It can be so overwhelming when you don’t know where to start! I created first online program; The 21 Day Kefir Detox, now my program is all done all automated and I created an ebook format on Martha’s recommendation and it has saved me SO MUCH TIME!! Now I can focus my time on creating engaging content for my followers.

I was apprehensive about doing videos at first but Martha was always pushing us to use the most engaging marketing media. I now have a following of almost 8,000 on Facebook and I have had over 200+ people through my online program. I can turnover an online program with about 70-80% profit margin so I’m delighted. It means I can really make my business work for me when I eventually have a family and that’s what I wanted!

Niamh Burke Owner, Niamh Burke Nutrition

Connemara Seaweed Company

I found this course extremely interesting

I had super results , this course really does make you realise that anything is possible. You start thinking outside the box so to speak

I signed up because I knew I was nearly there but just needed that extra bit of help that Martha gave most generously.

I would definitely recommend this course and working with Martha.

It's made me realise that anything is possible with the correct guidance, and Thais what you get on this course.

Anyone who is thinking about starting an online business but just needs that extra piece of reassurance this is the course for you.

Margaret Lee

Director at DEMC Food Services & Food Consultancy

Working with Martha is a pleasure! She challenges your thoughts on your business, gives you great insight and builds your confidence in you and your products.

During the course you get great clarity about your business and your product offerings! Putting packages together to suit the needs of my clients has increased sales! Critique of my website has improved the look and feel of it, although I still have other great tips to implement!

I signed up for the course as it was a great opportunity to work with Martha. I really like her no nonsense, practical approach.

Martha is a warm and sincere person. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you succeed in your business. For anyone starting out in busines or who is struggling with pricing, Martha offers great advice, ideas and tips!

Marthas course is so much more than a course! The value comes in the time that you get with Martha herself discussing your business! Working with a small group of other business owners helps to give you clarity and confidence! No matter what problem you might have, someone else has experienced it before and found a solution!

Martha helps you to build your ideal clients persona and picture, once you know who he or she is, you can begin your journey to find them! Lots of them! I would love to work with Martha in the future!

Donna McLoughlin Owner, DEMC Food Services

I first met Martha when I took the plunge and attended her two-day 'Retreat to move forward' workshop. Even though I was hugely out of my comfort zone I enjoyed the dynamic of the small group and the space it gave to seriously start to create your online product. In doing so we got to explore exactly what that was and gain fantastic insight and clarity. Following this, I just knew that Martha's MasterMind group was for me and even though I had a big price objection (its hard to justify a big spend both financially and time on a pie in the sky dream) I dived in head first.

I could not be happier and comfortable with the amazing ladies in my group and of course Martha. Her Mastermind structure is fantastically designed to organically grow your knowledge base and hone your online skills without limiting your ability to 'do' during the 9 months. Martha is an endless stream of sound advice and recommendations based on her own 'tried and tested' experience which is an important factor for me.

I started the mastermind in February and in just 3 months I've already had my first 4figure launch for one product and I'm currently launching my second! If I had not listened to my heart when it called, I would have found plenty of objections to undertaking this programme, and I would be still merely dreaming of what I have already achieved! I am excited about the limitless possibilities the next 6 months will bring for each of us as we support and cheer each other on to great things.. under Martha's watchful eye of course!!

Alison Hogan Owner, PilatesOnline.ie

Get instant access to our JumpStart Your Online Program  now!

What You Get 


6  Weekly Q&A Calls 

Join us weekly to support your progress and your questions. 


Package Your Passion

Finally, Get All Your Knowledge into a package to help and server more people and to support your business. Follow the weekly classes.  


Clarity & Process 

Get Clear on your program but also your whole business. Learn A Process To Repeat Across all of your business. Rinse and repeat to create more online programs. 


Download Your Weekly Templates 

Join the dots and create your program by filling in the templates 


JOPS Framework

Follow the JOPS  framework from start to finish over 6 weeks. 


Monetise Plan 

Get Your Monetize Plan To  Learn How To  Sell Your Program.



Have contiued access to the program.  To review at any time.  



Plug into your community everyday, connect and stay motivated. 


Tech & Systems 

This program is indpendent of the software or applications you use. Start lean. You can do this program without the software bells and whistles. Or if you choose them then I have a lot of experience on a lot of them and will advise you what is best. 

Get instant access to our JumpStart Your Online Program  now!


Some Clients Who Have

Created Their Online Programs With Me


Question 1: I'm not techy will I be able to do this?

Yes all you really need is your phone and basic laptop skills. You can make this simple or add some extra stuff if you are a bit more techy. 

Question 2: I don't have an idea what I will create! Should I do this program?

Yes! You will find the answer in this program which is the best idea for you. 

Question 3: I'm worried I won't get it done in 6 weeks.

No need to worry you can access the program and recorded calls after the 6 weeks is over.  

Question 4: When are the calls on?

Question 4: What if I miss a call?

All calls are recorded and available for replay for you. 


Some Clients Who Have Created

Their Online Programs With Me

Get instant access to our JumpStart Your Online Program  now!

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 60 DAYS!

If you are not happy I will do my best to make sure you are  and If after 6 weeks, you have done all your homework, attended all the live calls, you have fully applied yourself and you have not created an online program. There is a full refund. 

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