Maximise Your Income is an online program that puts the spotlight on your business to help you create clarity, new income streams and helps you share your true message with the world to attract more of the Right customers.

In 4 Weeks Time

  • ​You will have created an increased income stream just by repackaging what you already offer as a product or service. With potential to double or triple your income.
  • You will be able to talk about your business in a new clear way at talks, radio, press and on your website, in a way that people understand straight away what it is you do and sell. Bye bye vague and complicated answers!
  • From now on every week you will not be lost or wondering what to do in your business, you will be working from your 1 Year Revenue Plan and Action To-Do list to keep you accountable to get results.
  • You will learn how you can stop the pattern of income starvation and binge months and create re-occurring income every month. You will learn my 5 step formula for driving income and how to create re-occurring income.
  • You will learn to treat what you are selling like diamonds and craft your offer of your product/service to make it an easy Yes from customers.
  • You will gain a deep understanding of how to easily advertise to your customer that will increase your sales.
  • A sales page for your products that is worded powerfully to connect with your ideal customer who when seeing it will want to buy from you

Connemara Seaweed Company

I found this course extremely interesting

I had super results , this course really does make you realise that anything is possible. You start thinking outside the box so to speak

I signed up because I knew I was nearly there but just needed that extra bit of help that Martha gave most generously.

I would definitely recommend this course and working with Martha.

It's made me realise that anything is possible with the correct guidance, and Thais what you get on this course.

Anyone who is thinking about starting an online business but just needs that extra piece of reassurance this is the course for you.

Margaret Lee

Connemara Seaweed Company

Hi Martha Fraser, had a really good weekend in Cong sales wise so thank you so much I've learned an awful lot in a few weeks. I really feel that I can target my customers and know what they need with more confidence than before. I think that is something that ppl pick up on straight away , your confidence in your product. Thanks Margaret

Margaret Shepherd Owner

Director at DEMC Food Services & Food Consultancy

Working with Martha is a pleasure! She challenges your thoughts on your business, gives you great insight and builds your confidence in you and your products.

During the course you get great clarity about your business and your product offerings! Putting packages together to suit the needs of my clients has increased sales! Critique of my website has improved the look and feel of it, although I still have other great tips to implement!

I signed up for the course as it was a great opportunity to work with Martha. I really like her no nonsense, practical approach.

Martha is a warm and sincere person. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you succeed in your business. For anyone starting out in busines or who is struggling with pricing, Martha offers great advice, ideas and tips!

Marthas course is so much more than a course! The value comes in the time that you get with Martha herself discussing your business! Working with a small group of other business owners helps to give you clarity and confidence! No matter what problem you might have, someone else has experienced it before and found a solution!

Martha helps you to build your ideal clients persona and picture, once you know who he or she is, you can begin your journey to find them! Lots of them! I would love to work with Martha in the future!

Donna McLoughlin Owner, DEMC Food Services

How long is the program?

This program runs for 4 weeks.

How does it work?

  • The program will be run from an online group, there will be weekly calls on Monday Morning 11-12am, these calls will be recorded and also live streamed into the online group. So you can watch them any time.
  • You will also get a simple worksheet with business focused questions to fill out each week that will be key in creating the clarity in your business. ​
  • You will have full access to this group, so once the program is over you will have access to the content.

Maximise Your Business Now 

What Is In This Program?

Week 1 - Your Business Vision and Income Mapping

  • Follow the Business Mission-vision formula to create clarity for both you and your customers. Understanding your mission as a business gives you the super hero power that attracts customers to buy from you.
  • Follow my customer product map scale to understand where you are missing diamonds in your business and how you can address this NOW.

Week 2 - The Customer Formula System 

  • Follow The Customer Formula System to empower all marketing and sales pages that you create.
  • Using the Customer Formula System discover new products.
  • Fill out the Diamond Worksheet To Figure Out If Your Product Is Aligned with your customers needs.
  • Using The Customer Formula System review and transform your current product or service offerings STRAIGHT AWAY by tweaking what you already have and offering it in a different way.

Week 3 - The Income & Action Plan 

  • Review your website and all social media platforms creating a consistent message
  • Create new income plan and action plan as to how you can implement these new products.
  • Review/Create your sales page, make the required updates with these new income streams and follow the Sales Page Formula to connect and convert with your customer to a sale.

Week 4 - Implementation 

  • Implementation continued on your website/social media/sales pages.
  • Create a 1 Year Revenue Plan with an Action To-Do list to keep you accountable to get results.
  • You will learn my 5 step formula for driving income and how to create reoccuring income.

Maximise Your Business Now 

Design The Business & Life You Want To Live, With The People You Love