Oprah Big Vision Coaching 

Do you have that vision where you are sitting on the coach being interviewed by Oprah?

Do you have that whisper to lead a change int he world?

Are you unable to quieten the whisper and live a normal life?

You know you are made for more, to help bring a change or impact to the world. You just have to figure out how and get to work implementing it. 

So how do you put a form to this big thinking, wanting to become a thought leader, wanting to express what is bursting inside of you?

Over 4 weeks we will work together to put shape to your whisper, we will create a plan and strategy to implement your big vision that will help you take move forward in the direction of your big vision. 

By the end of these 4 weeks you will:

  • Be Clearer on who you are, 
  • Know What your purpose and mission is, 
  • Know Who you want to help, 
  • Know how this will work on on a world stage, 
  • Know how to become a global leader
  • Your 1-3-5 year plan is to bring your brilliance to the world
  • be confident that your whisper finally has a plan, is not longer confused and now you know exactly what you want to do and how to do it!

What Is Included

  • Week 1 - Initial Big Vision  2 hour Online Call 
  • Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 - 1 Hour Online Call
  • You will receive a copy of the video calls to review and keep as progress trackers for your big vision. 
  • Actual Investment is Only €1500

“It is like you read my mind and took all of the ideas out of my head. Now my business looks like what I had envisioned” VIP Client.

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Dervilla Clarke, Helping Business Women To Heal, Grow & Tap Into Their Brilliance

As Create & Launch Mastermind 2017 comes to a close I look back on the year as one of great clarity, growth and friendship.

I stepped outside my comfort zone to invest in Create & Launch Mastermind so that I and my business could grow and evolve.

During the past year Martha and the other ladies in the group have been a tremendous support on a personal and business level. Support and accountability are key in getting your business online. Meeting in person once a month was a brilliant way of really focusing on your online business. The days always flew but we went home with work done and a plan to keep moving forward.

I have gained more clarity as to who I am here to serve. I ran my first beta testing online programme 5 Steps to Shake You Up for Success which helped me to build confidence and belief that I could actually do this successfully. Feedback from the programme has been amazing. I am now tweaking some aspects so that I will run it again in 2018.

From that programme my monthly membership for women in business - Mind Yourself Mind Your Business was born. I am very excited about the growth and expansion possibilities for this programme. I also created a new package Breakthrough Your Stress Cycle.

I have learned more technical skills which support me in running my business. When I got stuck with technical issues Martha was always there to support me and help me to move forward .

There were times when I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster but the reality is growth and expansion can feel uncomfortable, especially if putting yourself out there in the online world is relatively new to you, but when I sit back, evaluate and celebrate all I have learned and achieved I can feel very proud of myself and grateful for Martha, her expertise and her patience.

It is very evident that Martha puts her heart and soul into her clients and really wants them to succeed and become the online star that she knows is possible.

Trust, faith and patience are required in yourself and the process. With the support of Martha and the rest of the Mastermind group you will move forward and shine like the bright shiny star that you are

Dervilla Clarke CEO

Connemara Seaweed Company

I found this course extremely interesting

I had super results , this course really does make you realise that anything is possible. You start thinking outside the box so to speak

I signed up because I knew I was nearly there but just needed that extra bit of help that Martha gave most generously.

I would definitely recommend this course and working with Martha.

It's made me realise that anything is possible with the correct guidance, and Thais what you get on this course.

Anyone who is thinking about starting an online business but just needs that extra piece of reassurance this is the course for you.

Margaret Lee

I now have a new global leveraged online revenue stream!

My name is Gail Woodard, I live in Arizona, USA. I worked with Martha for an intense 6 months looking to create a new online revenue stream.

I previously had not been visible online, I created a dozen videos (from FB lives); I created and launched a six-month course for aspiring authors.

I needed help to create the beginnings of my online business - supporting aspiring authors with solid education, knowledge, and guidance so they become successful authors.

I would recommend working with Martha.

She helped me with the following:

1. Helped me overcome resistance to videos

2. Taught me a lot about all the moving parts of an online business

I now have my new online revenue stream Aspiring Author to Published Pro mastermind working, I have just enrolled my first clients and made my first online income of $3500 without me working 1:1 with clients. I now have a leveraged income online.

Gail Woodard CEO Dudley Court Press

Connemara Seaweed Company

Hi Martha Fraser, had a really good weekend in Cong sales wise so thank you so much I've learned an awful lot in a few weeks. I really feel that I can target my customers and know what they need with more confidence than before. I think that is something that ppl pick up on straight away , your confidence in your product. Thanks Margaret

Margaret Shepherd Owner


In January I went on a two day retreat with Martha. Overall it was a excellent weekend. It was great wotking with a small group and found it was better than working online where there is a lot of distractions

Looking back on the excel document that we created as a group I've realised I've reached a good few goals. Gone further with others and a few I must look into. I've found I've started making out more plans now and setting targets.

I had been on the another program with Martha and a friend was also doing it so we kept accountable to each other and doing the retreat was another step in the right direction

Yes, you have to be willing to put in the time. I find im being pulled and dragged around the place but if you've full focus and with the support Martha has given to a lot of individuals and businesses you can excel and reach a new height where you don't think possible.

January was a excellent time to plan the year out and it was planning out my goals at the start of the year was excellent and the processes of launching that was excellent.

Ed McSweeney

Owner of Enhanchinghealthcoach.com

Really enjoyed the structure and the support from working with Martha in the group. Each week we had "homework" to do! I found this was great for me as it broke everything down into manageable chunks.

Better clarity on my own motivation and the reasons why I want to put myself through all this pain of setting up my own business! Some days I feel as though I am walking through treacle trying to get up and running. Martha has a great way of talking you through and getting you focussed. She points out when self-sabotage is happening! I was able to use all the work I had done over the 4 weeks to get my website and content set up. Getting really clear on who my clients are, what services I am offering and my pricing.

I have seen Martha online and have followed her journey. I wanted to have access to her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is very down-to-earth and geniunely cares about people and wants to see them succeed.

As with everything, you get out what you put in! Thank you Martha!

Really helped me to focus and get clarity on where I want to go. If I didn't take action and take part in the group, I could still be where I was - feeling stuck! I've got a long way to go, but feel that I am on the right track with these foundations in place.

Looking forward to continue working with you.

Ami O'Regan Nutritional Therapist

I first met Martha when I took the plunge and attended her two-day 'Retreat to move forward' workshop. Even though I was hugely out of my comfort zone I enjoyed the dynamic of the small group and the space it gave to seriously start to create your online product. In doing so we got to explore exactly what that was and gain fantastic insight and clarity. Following this, I just knew that Martha's MasterMind group was for me and even though I had a big price objection (its hard to justify a big spend both financially and time on a pie in the sky dream) I dived in head first.

I could not be happier and comfortable with the amazing ladies in my group and of course Martha. Her Mastermind structure is fantastically designed to organically grow your knowledge base and hone your online skills without limiting your ability to 'do' during the 9 months. Martha is an endless stream of sound advice and recommendations based on her own 'tried and tested' experience which is an important factor for me.

I started the mastermind in February and in just 3 months I've already had my first 4figure launch for one product and I'm currently launching my second! If I had not listened to my heart when it called, I would have found plenty of objections to undertaking this programme, and I would be still merely dreaming of what I have already achieved! I am excited about the limitless possibilities the next 6 months will bring for each of us as we support and cheer each other on to great things.. under Martha's watchful eye of course!!

Alison Hogan Owner, PilatesOnline.ie

I Made $10K Plus On My Launch With My New Smart Sales Funnel!

Martha, I couldn't have done it without you! I went from having no system to a funnel

which quadrupled my launch income to have a $10,000 plus launch. I would not have achieved these numbers on my own had I not this funnel and system in place and also the clarity of my offer.

Before working with Martha, I knew a funnel was important I didn't understand it but I knew it was the missing piece of my business. I learned a skill of understanding the value of ROI, and I know the steps now to do it on my own and to repeat it for other products. It was a two for one deal really because I got my system built and I also learned the process and confidence to do it again on my own. Martha also stretched me out of my comfort zone gently and into a whole new level of visibility, that I don't think I would have done on my own. She also coaches you through the mindset hurdles as both you and your business are growing. She doesn't advertise this but it is her secret magic that helps you step up to get your business to the next level.

Martha was all in, I was supported through out the entire process. Martha didn't just sell me a system, she was with me each step making sure the project got completed.

This was a big leap to take in both courage and investment but now I have a funnel that will work for my business that I can turn on when I want to create more income for this offer!

Michelle Lagaly

Owner, pilatesonline.ie/

I first met Martha when I took the plunge and attended her two-day 'Retreat to move forward' workshop. Even though I was hugely out of my comfort zone I enjoyed the dynamic of the small group and the space it gave to seriously start to create your online product. In doing so we got to explore exactly what that was and gain fantastic insight and clarity.

Alison Hogan Owner, pilatesonline.ie/

Director at DEMC Food Services & Food Consultancy

Working with Martha is a pleasure! She challenges your thoughts on your business, gives you great insight and builds your confidence in you and your products.

During the course you get great clarity about your business and your product offerings! Putting packages together to suit the needs of my clients has increased sales! Critique of my website has improved the look and feel of it, although I still have other great tips to implement!

I signed up for the course as it was a great opportunity to work with Martha. I really like her no nonsense, practical approach.

Martha is a warm and sincere person. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you succeed in your business. For anyone starting out in busines or who is struggling with pricing, Martha offers great advice, ideas and tips!

Marthas course is so much more than a course! The value comes in the time that you get with Martha herself discussing your business! Working with a small group of other business owners helps to give you clarity and confidence! No matter what problem you might have, someone else has experienced it before and found a solution!

Martha helps you to build your ideal clients persona and picture, once you know who he or she is, you can begin your journey to find them! Lots of them! I would love to work with Martha in the future!

Donna McLoughlin Owner, DEMC Food Services

Owner, Niamh Burke Nutrition

I started with Martha Fraser in 2015. I found her step by step process really helped to give me the direction I needed. It can be so overwhelming when you don’t know where to start! I created first online program; The 21 Day Kefir Detox, now my program is all done all automated and I created an ebook format on Martha’s recommendation and it has saved me SO MUCH TIME!! Now I can focus my time on creating engaging content for my followers.

I was apprehensive about doing videos at first but Martha was always pushing us to use the most engaging marketing media. I now have a following of almost 8,000 on Facebook and I have had over 200+ people through my online program. I can turnover an online program with about 70-80% profit margin so I’m delighted. It means I can really make my business work for me when I eventually have a family and that’s what I wanted!

Niamh Burke Owner, Niamh Burke Nutrition