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You Need This If You Are
Feeling Like This... Is This You?

* Lack of focus and organisation
* Confused about how your offers fit into your year and how to prioritise them.
* No clear plan

* In Pain and tired of not having things figured out!
* You are doing well but not with any real format and you do not know how to scale your success or organise your business or team to make sure you are maximising your results and impact.
* There is a fog over your business that you know is holding you back.

Smart Sales Funnels 1:1
Coaching & Done For You

Let's work 1:1 to accelerate your progress and results, I will coach, mentor and guide you personally to your online success.

Do you want to implement smart funnels in your business to bring your brilliance to the world? Do you want to automate your on-boarding of clients, bring leads through a warm up process, automate your online program launch process? Do you finally want systems setup in your business? 

Online Programs 
Choose An Online Program To Help Get Results Fast 

Have you been fighting your marketing? It's like a tug of war? You know you SHOULD do it, but you are not! Time to take the 30 Day Shine Online Course and Challenge! Let go of your anxiety, embrace the real you and share your message with the world finally and consistently!! 

Are you FINALLY ready to create your online program? Add a new stream of income to your business that does not depend on you being available? Cover your income when you are on vacation or sick and possibly even take over a big % of your income? Get that idea out of your head and lets JumpStart You Now ! 

Are you stuck in your business? Are you offers ok but you know there are gaps in your business and what you are offering your customers is not quite maximised? Work through this program to transform your business, increase your income, achieve better clarity and confidence in your business than you ever had before!

Are you frustrated by facebook ads? Not sure what you are really doing? Do you want to simply get a helicopter view of facebook ads, the mistakes you are probably making and see what are the best practices you should be doing? Watch this free training to help you lift the fog and create better ads!



Martha, I couldn't have done it without you! I went from having no system to a funnel

which quadrupled my launch income to have a $10,000 plus launch. I would not have achieved these numbers on my own had I not this funnel and system in place and also the clarity of my offer.

Before working with Martha, I knew a funnel was important I didn't understand it but I knew it was the missing piece of my business. I learned a skill of understanding the value of ROI, and I know the steps now to do it on my own and to repeat it for other products. It was a two for one deal really because I got my system built and I also learned the process and confidence to do it again on my own. Martha also stretched me out of my comfort zone gently and into a whole new level of visibility, that I don't think I would have done on my own. She also coaches you through the mindset hurdles as both you and your business are growing. She doesn't advertise this but it is her secret magic that helps you step up to get your business to the next level.

Martha was all in, I was supported through out the entire process. Martha didn't just sell me a system, she was with me each step making sure the project got completed.

This was a big leap to take in both courage and investment but now I have a funnel that will work for my business that I can turn on when I want to create more income for this offer!


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