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Since joining Global Online Stars I have expanded so much,  I now have an online membership site, I have 4 courses for sale online, I'm finally running my teacher training and certification and developed my very own unique dance teaching framework, the first in Ireland of its kind.

Kim Somers, Owner of UltraFlex School Of Dance


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Martha, I couldn't have done it without you! I went from having no system to a funnel

which quadrupled my launch income to have a $10,000 plus launch. I would not have achieved these numbers on my own had I not this funnel and system in place and also the clarity of my offer.

Before working with Martha, I knew a funnel was important I didn't understand it but I knew it was the missing piece of my business. I learned a skill of understanding the value of ROI, and I know the steps now to do it on my own and to repeat it for other products. It was a two for one deal really because I got my system built and I also learned the process and confidence to do it again on my own. Martha also stretched me out of my comfort zone gently and into a whole new level of visibility, that I don't think I would have done on my own. She also coaches you through the mindset hurdles as both you and your business are growing. She doesn't advertise this but it is her secret magic that helps you step up to get your business to the next level.

Martha was all in, I was supported through out the entire process. Martha didn't just sell me a system, she was with me each step making sure the project got completed.

This was a big leap to take in both courage and investment but now I have a funnel that will work for my business that I can turn on when I want to create more income for this offer!


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Hi everybody, my name is Suzanne Clarke. I want to give a testimonial to the lovely kind generous Martha Fraser. I have worked with Martha for almost a year now. She has helped me create my website, which I didn't have. I didn't even know where to start. She has introduced me to technology and terminology. And patience and resilience...everything I have but certainly a world I knew nothing about.

She is a wonderful wonderful wonderful lady with heaps of knowledge, so generous, so patient, I don't know-how sometimes but she really is. I would highly recommend working with Martha if there is anything that you need in relation to your website. I'm just almost finished her course SOS Get Your Business Online in 3 Days. I think she is running this again soon, so if you want to get online and quickly, she is definitely the go-to lady to contact and work with. So thank you so much Martha, parting is so sweet sorrow but I don't think we will be apart for too long, no doubt I will be knocking on your door in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have helped me in more ways than you know.

SUZANNE CLARKE - Leadership and Stress Coach

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