4 Steps To Manage & Plan Your Business For A Holiday Or Crisis - Martha Fraser

4 Steps To Manage & Plan Your Business For A Holiday Or Crisis

MiniMasterclass Creating/Updating Your Website 

Hey there,

Today's Video - Behind The Scenes Wednesday! Today we cover the following topics:

A Mini-Masterclass About Your Website

1/ Your Website - what it takes to create or update your website

2/ Do you need a website? What's the alternative

3/ 2 Ways To Create A Website

4/ Renting versus Owning

5/ Solopreneur who wants an easy website

6/ Domain and hosting

 7/ WordPress Theme choice - ThriveThemes https://marthafraser.com/tools/

8/ Thrive architect page builder

9/ Premade Landing Pages for webinars

10/ Designing your homepage - get clarity

11/ Branding: What do you want your website to say about you

12/ Homepage, workwithme page, about page, blog page, speaker page and testimonials

13/ Super clear message across your website

14/ Have a strategic website that works beyond your website

15/ Have an email manager to nurture potential customers.

16/ Your website is a portal into your world.

17/ Your Vision, Mission for your business translated into a great optin

18/ Attracting the right clients

19/ Automating your website with online booking and payments

20/ How many routes of income do you have on your website

21/ Pricing

Go to https://marthafraser.com/tools/ to access my affiliate link for ThriveThemes, Thrive Architect and other onlline tools.

Chat to you soon, have a great week and remember I believe you, you were made to shine to your full potential!!

It is your time to own it, put a stake in the ground claim your space and shine!

Keep Shining,

Lots of love

Martha & family


P.S. Here is the link to this weeks video Watch it now https://youtu.be/egIglP3ZB7Y


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