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Accelerator Intensive 2 Program


{ So I used do a clarity day which was 50% clarity, and 50% implementation} I felt this wasn’t enough support after it, so I added on 2 hours before and after. I now realised this has turned into something with legs. I now need to blend what I used have with what I have now. I want to get into the feeling of what it is I want to create and how I can do that, I want to add in more testimonials and create more of a feeling about this page}

VIP Day  €1000

Clarity, Focus on your business and your future.

Hold a space for you to up level your life.

I want to help you clear any blocks that you have.

I want to bring you to the next level of entrepreneur that you can be. I want to help you transform in this day and transition your maybe I can do this to a rock solid believe in yourself and a plan to combine with your believe for you to implement.

The Accelerator Intensive 2 Program €2000

The Accelerator Intensive 2 Program where I work intensively with a client to help them clarify an area in their business and implement a strategy to build a functioning part of their business.

I help people build online businesses from concept, clarity, planning, strategy, design, implementation and delivery. The goal of the Accelerator Intensive 2 Program is that you want to get either off the ground running with an online business from scratch or if you are already established you want to implement a new strategy or product.

Who Is This Program For?

This Program Is For You If:

  • You want to create an online business or establish an online strategy for your brick and mortar business.
  • You want to create a strategy for more income and more time off, but you do not know where to start.
  • You are in business but not making much money and you want to restructure your business.
  • You have an online business or service you provide and you want more customers, you want to create a lead generating system.
  • You want to work on a launch strategy for your current online business.

This Program Is Not For You If:

  • You want me to do all the work.
  • You do not like spending time on your computer.
  • You really do not feel capable whatsoever on a computer. (If you have an assistant already hired who will help you do the work then this would be an exception)
  • You think an online business is easy and should happen really quickly.
  • You are not willing to take a strategy and go implement it, after been given detailed instruction on how to complete a task.
  • You are not willing to put yourself out there online (you may feel hesitant about this but if you are defiant that you will not do this, we are not a right fit for each other, hesitant I can work with:)


 The Accelerator Intensive 2 Program Overview

The program consists of 4 parts

  • Phase 1Personal Clarity Journey
  • Phase 2 – 2 Business Clarity Power Hours  
  • Phase 3 – The VIP Day
  • Phase 4 – 2 Business Clarity Power Hours Part 2
  • Payment In Full Bonus
    • Phase 5The Shine Adventure Online Program


The Investment in this program is €2,000.

Payment in full is kindly rewarded with a bonus of the Shine Adventure Online Program value €997.

If you would like to pay by payment plan the investment is €2,250, without access to the Shine Adventure Online Program. The payment plan is 5 payments of €450. Once the final payment is received we will commence the Accelerator Intensive 2 Journey.


Phase 1Personal Clarity Journey


This is the part of the journey that you do not necessarily sign up for, however, this part of the journey will really help you gain much clarity around your personal life, what brought you to where you are now, what state you are in personally and physically and where you want to be in the future. This part of the journey helps you to release to move forward both personally and professionally. This is performed over email 2 weeks before the 1:1 sessions commence. This helps you get clear and also provides me with fantastic information that will help me to help you to shape your business.

At the end of this Phase 1 you will leave with :

  • A great sense of personal clarity
  • Space to allow you to assess your life and business
  • The Clarity Workbook with your answers.


Phase 2 – 2 Business Clarity Power Hours  


The Accelerator Intensive 2 Program consists of a first session of 2 Power Hours, this is delivered online, recorded with notes taken. At the end of this session you will receive a link to the recording with your notes.

During this session we will get clarity on your business vision, where you are now and where you would like to be in 2-3 years time. We will review your current offerings and create an income plan that will align you with your vision. We will decide, if you haven’t already, on the goal that you want to achieve during our intensive day together.

At the end of this Phase 2 you will leave with :

  • A Clear Business Vision
  • Clarity on your current business and product offerings and if they are in alignment with your Business Vision.
  • An Annual Income Plan, that you can reuse every year and use this as a model for every year.
  • An audit of your online business and where are the holes in your processes, tools and systems.
  • A link to the recording of the 2 Power Hour Session
  • Your Business Clarity, Strategy and Planning Notes


Phase 3 The VIP Day


The VIP Day is a day out for you to really take time out from your business and get super clear on your strategy and implementation. This is normally held in either The Raheen Woods Hotel, Athenry, Co. Galway or The Clayton Hotel, Galway. 

This day will consist of 3 elements clarity, strategy, and implementation. Throughout the day you may also experience some mindset shifts as we move out from your comfort zone and up into a new way of doing business for you.

After our Business Clarity Hours, we will pick one objective of your business that you really want to shape and implement.

This day varies greatly depending on the needs and the stage a business is at, however these are some of the potential areas that we can work on.

In these power and accelerator sessions we can cover items from the following list depending on time booked:

  • Your online strategy and vision
  • Your online program launch strategy,
  • Creating your online program
  • how to create a webinar that converts,
  • creating a landing page that converts,
  • creating facebook ads,
  • how to set up a membership site,
  • how to grow your audience,
  • how to create an email marketing system,
  • how to set up payment system on your website,
  • how to take bookings for your services on your website,
  • review social media and website content,
  • and much more!

Phase 4 – 2 Business Clarity Power Hours Part 2


Two weeks after the VIP day you will have another online 2 Business Clarity Power Hours with me, to follow through on your plan, checkin with what you have done in the 2 weeks and really help keep you on track with your business objectives. This followup session is also great if you have any questions after our VIP day that you would like to be answered and perhaps any technical queries that you need support with.

You will leave this session with a recording of the session, a confirmed plan and strategy any implementation questions answered and a review of your overall strategy and implementation.


Phase 5 – The Shine Adventure Online Program

Martha Fraser

All Accelerator Intensive 2 Clients receive complimentary access to my online mentoring program called the Shine Adventure which helps businesses create lead generating online systems to promote their businesses to reach a 5 Figure Income and also create customers who love them. This program will provide you with a community to ask and answer questions as you continue your journey. The Shine Adventure is an online 8 week program that is run twice a year. You can join in on the program listen to the recorded lessons, jump on the Live Q&A calls and continue your journey in a supported, fun and like minded community of people building online strategies to improve their business and their lives. You can learn more about the Shine Adventure Program here. The investment in the Shine Adventure is €997, however this is complimentary with this program.

What is my role in this program?

My responsibility in this program is to help you gain clarity on your business, by asking the right thought provoking questions that you do not ask yourself, that even may make you feel as though you have never even thought of these.

My role is to challenge you, to help you map out the business and life that you want to create.

My role is to facilitate your vision to become a reality.

I am here to help coach you out of your comfort zone and into a new way of doing business and life for you.

I am here to mentor you on paths I have taken, help you avoid the pitfalls and fast track you farther than if you were working alone.

It is important that I check in with you on this journey and make sure we are on the correct path and accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.

What is your role in this program?


This is so important to first recognise that you do have a role in this program, you are not just here to wish that I can do it all for you, create your vision for you, do all the work, take all the responsibility. This is your business. I want you to take full responsibility for it, for it’s success and it’s failures. I am here to guide you. But it is you that must do the work, it is your intuition that you need to listen to, taking my coaching and mentoring on board. It is a combination of the two of us that will bring you to complete your objectives.

We are about to get into a boat to bring you to your next destination, but it will take the two of us to row to get there.

Are you ready to row?

Let’s Get Ready To Rock Your Business!


Don’t Just Take My Word For It