Auto'Mate Your Sale Program 

5 Week Group Online Program

For Business Owners Who Have More Than 3 Qualified Booked Sales Calls A Week & Are Struggling To Keep Track Of Their Leads, Are Loosing Sales And Want To Automate Their Sales Lead & Sale Close Process To Save Them Time & Money. 

Are you a business that speaks to potential new customers every week?

Offer Expires in:


Save at least 2-4hrs/week, Saving minimum $80-400/month!

Imagine Receiving This Email From Your Auto'Mate Sale System

This email is from my Auto'Mate System that I called Clever Martha !

Hey Gorgeous, 

Hope you are busy thinking about your Big Business Vision with shoes up on the desk and a cuppa in your hand! 

Clever Martha has been at work! 

A new Sales Call client by the name of X from WWW has just been onboarded - baboom ! 

So this is what I did, 

1/ I created a zoom meeting for the time of the Sales Call. 

2/ I sent X a welcome email with the zoom link and free training link. 

3/ I added X to your email manager with a tag of SalesCall.

4/ I created a google doc file in X names in your Sales Call client folder. 

5/ I created a contact in your CRM for X with an action to ring in 3 days. 

Clever Martha just saved you 45 minutes!!

We Rock!! 

You got this keep going you know you can do this, create your vision and

 be the Global Online Star of your industry!!

I love ya 

From Clever Martha!!

What You Get

Week 1: Create Your Sales Lead Process

Map out an optimal solution for your sales lead process.

Follow through on any implementation necessary. 

Week 2: Create Your Sales Close Process 

Map out an optimal solution for your sales close process. 

Follow through on any implementation necessary. 

Week 3: Create Your Auto'Mate Sale Lead System

Implement your Auto'Mate System

Test & Tweak your system

Week 3: Create Your Auto'Mate Sale Close System 

Implement your Auto'Mate System.

Test & Tweak your system

Week 5: Q&A

Your Sales Lead and Sales Close Process Is Implemented. 

Q&A for other areas that you can Auto'Mate. 


How it Will Work

  • you will join our private group,
  • you will receive a 1 hour power session with me to talk about your sales process and to help you map out a great customer journey and date tracking system, 
  • you will join us for 5 group implementation calls where I will teach and implement with you, if necessary taking control of your computer to help you implement, if you are stuck. We are doing this together.
  • You WILL finish the program with an automated sales lead and sales close process saving you time and money. 

All calls are recorded.

Imagine Feeling In Control & Organised,

 with all your sales call data in place where it should be, and ready to be easily accessed.

Helping you track your progress, improve your sales growth & conversion. 

Giving you back more time 

and saving you money!

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