Behind The Scenes Wednesday + Growing Your Business Even When It Is Scary

1/ Growing your business even when it’s scary!!

2/ How you structure your week for increased productivity

3/ Do you have a customer care policy?

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Oranmore 27th November 7.30pm-9.30pm

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Online December 13th 10am-1pm 

Galway City January 10.30am-5pm

About the Author

Hi I'm Martha Fraser, my mission is to help people whether solo-preneurs or businesses to share an authentic message online, leverage their income, serve a wider community and live the life they REALLY want to live. Life is short, lets live our best one, as my Dad says there is no dress rehearsal! Make your business shine online, help others and live a good life! Everytime you uplevel your business, there is a story you need to break through, there is a new story you need to create. My core skills are the invaluable combination of developing the business person and the business. #keepshining Martha