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Join me on December 11th 2020 from 10am-2pm  GMT for a 4 hour Alignment Planning Workshop. 

This is no ordinary workshop, come prepared for something different. We will be doing vision work, meditaiton, tapping and planning to create your best next 12 months. 

You will leave this session having let go of 2020 and energetically transformed and ready for 2021.

Full Price €50 - Black Friday €25 - use code Black50

Self Study Courses

Shine Online in 30 Days, get over yourself and what is holding you back. Learn that you don't have to be online all time to actually be visible all the time only! I show you how!

50% off when you use the the code BLACK50

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Now €23.50

SOS Get Your Business Online in 3 days! Get access to training that has helped over 50 businesses get online. Don't wait this training will change your whole business! 

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Was €97

Now €48.50

DIY Create Your Online Program in 6 Weeks. Finally create that online program you always wanted to create. Follow this 6 week program to guide you through the process.  

50% off when you use the the code BLACK50

Was €197

Now €98.50

One To One

One Time Offer Only

I have recently reshaped one of my Clarity packages, I rarely give discount on working with me 1:1, however I want to guide a few people through this new version of the Clarity Experience there I am offering this one time offer of 50% off when you use the code Black50.

Group Program

Current Introductory Price Is Finishing  December 1st

  • Reboot Your Business Model
  • Create Your Consistent Marketing Plan 
  • Maximise Your Income  
  • Create Digital Revenue Streams
  • Grow into the Online Business Owner you REALLY want to be!
  • Coaching calls the 1st&3rd Thursday of EVERY Month

Join Us Now For The Current Introductory Price €1500

(payment plan available)

Before It Goes Up to €1997 on Tuesday Dec 1st

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 - I cannot make the Alignment Planning Event Date Is It Recorded?

Yes, the event will be recorded and everyone who attends will access the recording for free! You will also get a free workbook for the event! Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂

Question 2 - Will Shine Online In 30 Days really help me with my visibility anxiety?

Yes, this is the main purpose of this course, to help you get over yourself to become more visible online. The course will help you implement a process so that you do not have to show up every day but you will be visible every day by automation! Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂

Question 3 - I am not technical can I really get my business online in 3 days with the S.O.S Get Your Business online in 3 days

Yes, this course is made for people just like you, who run from technology. You see here is a secret, it does not have to be complicated! I have mapped out some very simple methods for getting your business online that anyone can do. Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂 

Question 4 - I want to create an online course but have no idea where to start, will the JumpStart Your Online Course program help me with that?

Yes completely, we have got you from the very beginning we will guide you through from idea, designing the course, creating the course and selling the course. We will also give you some good advice on technology, how to start lean and how to upgrade your technology as your business grows. Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂 

Question 5 - What is the difference between JumpStart Your Online Course and your Global Online Stars Program?

Great question, JumpStart is a self study course design to specifically help you create and sell your first online course. Global Online Stars program is a community of members who access ongoing updated training that helps them reboot their business model to maximise their income, create consistent marketing, create digital products and digital courses and create paths to profit for their products and services. Global Online Stars also get access to coaching calls the first and third Thursday of EVERY Month! Once you join you do not pay for ongoing coaching you just get it!! It is the Porsche!! Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂 

Question 6 - The Clarity Experience 1:1 seems like a really good offer, I would love it but I know I need support after this too. I don't know which to choose!! Help!

Ok, the benefit of The Clarity Experience is that you literally fast forward to massive clarity instead of the next 6-12 months TRYING to get clear on your business on your own. The benefit of doing this work with me is that you get expert fresh eyes on your business, that can see what you cannot. Even if you spend the next 6-12 months TRYING to figure it out, you may still miss the diamonds right in front of you! This offer I'm almost sorry I have put on my Black Friday List because it is a steal, it is only because I am revamping this offer that it is here for a few select clever people who want to get ahead. So to answer your question, I get it . "I have Clarity and a super clear plan, I don't want to do it on my own!" You don't have to do it on your own! For anyone who books the Clarity Experience with 50% off, you get an invite to join Global Online Stars my signature program where I help nuture and grow online entrepreneurs. You will get a special discount of €150 off our amazing Global Online Stars Program. This program is going up to €1997 on December 1st, so technically you will be saving €647 on Global Online Stars Program and €998.50 on the Clarity Experience, so you will be saving a total of €1645.50!! You will leap your business forward and then have the support to help you implement and grow.

Global Online Stars Program is a training, support, accountability, coaching, 90 day planning and everything you could possibly need to grow yourself and your business online to really step up and reach your next goals. Not sure on your goals? Our 90 Day Planning sessions make sure every 90 days you are on track, you have a plan and you know what you need to do to reach your goals.

There are a tonne of bonuses with Global Online Stars Program too and also bonus events that are gifted to all my members, like the Alignment Planning Event for example. These folks are my growing stars and I want them to have everything they need to grow and reach their goals! So If you want Clarity, Support and Coaching purchasing the Clarity Experience and Global Online Stars is the answer for you. You can get started for even less using the payment plan! Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂 

Question 7 - Will you really do a full refund?

Yes, of course. I recently purchased something online and quiet honestly I was really disappointed. I emailed them to say, unfortunately, this is not what I thought it would be can I please have a refund. They refunded me within the hour. It made so happy and also appreciate this business even more and their great ethics. This is why I am also doing refunds, because you worked for your money and I only want you to buy something that benefits you. So if within 48hours of checking out the product you feel it is not a good fit, just drop me an email, hit reply to this email even and you got your refund! We want to be a business you love 🙂 Get your Black Friday Weekend Offer now with ease and peace of mind 🙂 

Question 8 What is the difference between Shine Online in 30 Days, SOS Get Your Business Online and JumpStart Your Online Course?

1. Shine Online in 30 days, is all about getting over yourself - creating a marketing strategy and putting yourself out there. It is about showing up and being visible! It is a great intro course to help you get out there. I talk about which platform is for you. 

2. SOS Get Your Business Online in 3 days - I created this program to help people through COVID so they could quickly get an offer created and out there. This is a recording of 3 times when I ran the course live. It is powerful. We focus on this course creating a digital product that could be for sale on your website or social media. People are got so clear on this course. The value of listening to others on this recording is powerful because of the questions they ask. By the end of this course you will have created your first digital product for sale. 

3. JumpStart Your Online Course - this is a very detailed 6 week self study course that brings you through creating an online course. I bring you from idea, design to creating the course, then we go through how to sell the course. 

The SOS course is a great Kickstarter you will learn loads, it is intense but powerful. The JumpStart is more detailed to help you create a full course. 

Question 9 - Will any of these courses help me with my mindset about charging and asking for money?

We cover this in module 1 Identity of my Global Online Stars Program. Asking for money is all about valuing yourself and the transformation you bring to people. I have had my own journey from when I first started. I love helping people through this as I really fully understand it. I went from being afraid to ask for €80 to asking for €10,000 for a client.  Global Online Stars Program is for anyone who wants to get coaching while growing themselves and their business. You get all of the above Black Friday courses for free as bonuses and much more when you join Global Online Stars program. 

You can learn more about Global Online Stars here.

Question 10 - Will any of these courses help with how to find clients.

 If you use the Shine Online Course and apply the learning in this course to create a weekly consistent marketing strategy, this  is how clients find you. 

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