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Business Solutions

I offer external business solutions to businesses who perhaps do not have the permanent staff to do the work or more often, who need an external pair of eyes to see perhaps the diamonds they are missing. There maybe a few reasons why you need external support. Here are a few ways in which I work with businesses:

  • Office Organisation and motivation, you may be growing and have not put any processes in place for tracking your key metrics, sales, contacts or you do have systems that maximise your potential.
  • You want to improve your online presence and increase your lead generation to your business and increase your income. ​
  • You want someone external to facilitate growth in your company, with brainstorming strategies and leading the implementation of the goal to completion. 

Book a free 20 min call with me to discuss if we are a right fit to work together and help you expand your business. 

Customer Thrive Package, A Smarter Way Of Doing Business

I work with companies who are ready to take a leap in their business who want to thrive. If you are looking into implement smarter systems in your business. Whether you are a just beginning to get set up or you already have an established business, I am here to guide and help you implement a smarter way of doing business. 

Would you like your office and business organised online ?

Would you like to view your customers online at any time?

Would you like a lead generation system for new customers?

Would you like to review your income path and maximise gaps in your income?

Would you like to have a clearly defined plan aligned to your business goals?

Would you like to have an email marketing system that is automated in your business?

Would you like to have a clear social media strategy?​

Would you like to finally created a video course for your business educating your customers more clearly on who you are and what you do?

Would you like to create a webinar series for your potential customers?​

Would you like to have online applications that help run your office more effectively?

Would you like to REALLY understand your customer so that you can create better products and services for your customers?

Would you like to attract even more of the RIGHT customers!

To discuss more about how I can help you please give me a call or book a meeting with me above. I look forward to helping your business thrive. 

 Online Thrive Package

You may have an online presence a website and some basic social media however your business is not converting any or enough online sales as you are not clear on your business goals, systems, tools, processes or conversion methods.  The first thing to be done here is to create your  Online Sales Strategy and then review how aligned is your business and plans with that. 

 The following are suggested items that we can work on together to bring you to your online business goals. 

  • Set up customer database
  • Set up customer referral system
  • Set up Email Management System
  • Full review of social media and creation of 1 year annual content calender
  • Setup and perform first live training via live video or webinar
  • Create a 5 or 6 Figure Online Sales Strategy
  • Review of all online systems and integration and recommendation on new systems.
  • Setup and configure online systems to allow for online sales
  • Review website and SEO, make and implement recommendations on your system. 
  • Set up a measurement and tracking system to track improvments and sales. 
  • Create your first online product to create extra income and leverage your time. 

To discuss more about how I can help you please give me a call or book a meeting with me above. I look forward to helping your business thrive.