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Business Reboot 

Martha Fraser


  • You are feeling lost in your business, no matter how long you have been in business.
  • You know your current business model will not get you to where you want to go.
  • You just want someone to help you pull all your ideas out of you. 
  • You know you can do better but you just need some help!

Not every business has the same needs, therefore I have created The 12 Step Business Reboot Framework and 3 packages for you to choose from.


  • Gather Background and business goals 
  • Review/Create Your Vision
  • Review/Create Your Mission
  • Review Your Social Media Platforms, Website and Technology Plan
  • Review/create your business growth, marketing  and list building plan.
  • Review/Create your Brand Message
  • Gather/Create branding information


  • Review/Create your Brand Message
  • Gather/Create branding information







  • Review, Revive and Restructure Your Business Offers.
  •  Review Your Ideal Client 
  • Design Your Business Lifestyle Plan
  • Identify the diamonds in your business. 
  • Create multiple streams of revenue available from your website.


  •  Create a clear and strategic home page
  • Create a sales page per offer. (max 4 offers €250 per page outside of this)
  • Update Your Social Media Platforms and integrate them on your website
  • Add a blog, design a blog page and create 3 blogs
  • Add a Testimonial Page with testimonials added to all pages. 


  • Create your 1 Page Annual Income Plan
  • Create Your 1 Page Marketing Plan
  • Outline Your Marketing Batch Process
  • Outline Your Weekly Email Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Apps to help you automate your processes. 

 Lead Generation

  • Setup Email Manager
  • Integrate an email manager system on your website to collect emails.
  • Update Your Social Media Platforms and integrate them on your website
  • Create a lead magnet to grow your email list * only available for the plus offer. 

 Online Systems

  • Add new page - Book A Call with ME
  • Add an online booking system for appointments
  • Add a Call To Action To Each Page for a free sales call and booking


  • Setup Paypal Online Payments
  • Add Paypal Online Payment to each offer for full payment and subscription payment. 

 Lead Boost

  • Add Your CTA to all pages 
  • Create a strategic header with your Lead Optin or best CTA ( call to action)
  • Create a strategic footer with your Lead Optin
  • Create a popup call to action
  • Add your CTA to all social media platforms 



  • Keyword Research Planning
  • Add SEO to content of each page of your website 
  • SEO training


  • Add google analytics
  • Add Facebook Pixel code to your website for website re-marketing
  • Adding your core policy's to your website. 
  • Adding a strategic header, footer, ribbon and popup
  • Google Sitemap and index


  • Create your 5 Core Policies
  • Term and Conditions
  • Cookie Policy 
  • Refund Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Adding your core policy's to your website. 

Business Reboot
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Business Reboot Foundation

Implement 1 System in your business to move your business forward.


  • 4 Weeks Project 
  • Review Process  
  • Branding Basics
  • Clarity Process  
  • Foundation Implementation
  • Marketing Planning & Implementation 
Business Reboot Plus

From zero To Online Hero  

Get Clarity, Systems, Automation & Marketing in To Create/Update Your Online Business


  • 16 Weeks Project 
  • Review Process  
  • Branding Basics
  • Clarity Process  
  • Foundation Implementation
  • Marketing Planning & Implementation 
  • Lead Generation Implementation
  • Online Booking Systems 
  • Ecommerce Implementation
  • Lead Boost 
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Policies
  • Note: All Work Will Be Done Within The Package However Any Work Done Outside Of These Packages Is Charged At €75/Hour. Any new website builds will have an additional setup fee. 

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* Add On Automate and Digital Assets as an extra


  • Design your automation process
  • Automate your new clients on boarding processes

Digital Products 

  • Design your digital product
  • Create your digital product 
  • Create web pages, and email automation for your digital product

You Need This If You Are
Feeling Like This... Is This You?

You need this if you are feeling

  •  Lack of focus and organisation
  • Confused about how your offers fit into your year and how to prioritise them.
  • No clear plan
  • You are doing well but not with any real format and you do not know how to scale your success or organise your business or team to make sure you are maximising your results and impact.
  • There is a fog over your business that you know is holding you back

By the end of this Business Reboot
 you will have Business Assets :

  •  Restructured  your Offers that maximise and leverage your income.
  • 12 month launch and income calendar
  • 12 month income projections plan
  •  12 month launch overview plan for all offers
  • Return On Investment and Energy Calculator - to help you see what to eliminate and what to focus on in your business.
  • Action List of tasks for your VA or team - to make sure they are working on money making actions.
  •  All new offers implemented on your website and updated e-commerce to allow for online payment. 

By The End Of The Business Reboot
 You Will 

  • No longer feel overwhelmed.
  •  Be clear on what are your priority projects.
  • What are your next actions and your team actions
  • .Reach your ideal people quickly without feeling burnt out and fill your programs with ease
  • .Feel confident that you are creating laser focus and putting your energy on YOUR most successful path
  • Feel like you have lifted the fog from your business - Feel crystal clear about your next 12 months
  • You now understand EXACTLY what you need to do to get your results
  • You will feel confident and in control of your business.

Not Sure Yet This Reboot Is For You? Try This Now, Get Your Free Business Reboot Checklist 

  • Finally get organised in your business. 
  • Work through the list to get super focused in your business. 
  • Finally clear the fog of your business and get clear on who you are and how your business works best!

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