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MiniMasterclass Creating/Updating Your Website

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 MiniMasterclass Creating/Updating Your Website Hey there, Today’s Video – Behind The Scenes Wednesday! Today we cover the following topics: A Mini-Masterclass About Your Website1/ Your Website – what it takes to create or update your website2/ Do you need a website? What’s the alternative3/ 2 Ways To Create A Website4/ Renting versus Owning5/ […]

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5 Tips For Your Productivity

I just got a message about increasing productivity and I thought you just might need the same answers. So I have a few tips here that I know will help you. 1. Look at your annual business goal everything morning. 2. Ask Yourself every Monday morning, what is my 3 things I want done by […]

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The First Step In Automating Your Business

The First Step In Automating Your Business  Are you tired of doing EVERYTHING in your business? Do you wish your business ran more smoothly? Do you wish your customers had a better experience? You cannot afford alot of staff but you know something has to change!  You can achieve all of this without hiring a big staff by simply […]

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3 Questions To Ask To Get Clarity In Your Business

3 Questions To Ask To Get Clarity In Your Business Are you going along with your business like you are blind folded in the dark. Can you clearly say what you do, who you help and why?Have you lost the connection with why you started your business? Have you lost your business spark?Watch this video to get […]

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Create A List Of Your Top HashTags In 3 Steps

How To Discover Your Top HashTags In 3 Steps Have you ever written a post on twitter or instagram and just added some random hashtags? Yes? Me too! Always too busy to find the time to gather your list of correct hashtags. Well now is the time friends and I want to show you how […]

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8 Business Lessons To Learn From Dyson

What can we learn from Dyson? As I declutter my office preparing for September I find the Dyson story book that came with our last Dyson purchase. I thought it was such a good idea I kept it, planning on writing about it eventually. 12 little pages that connects the new customer even a little bit more, that weaves the […]

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