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I Ignite Business Owners  To Expand Their Mindset, Strategy and Technology To Reach A Global Audience Online And Expand Their Income 

Hi, I'm Martha Fraser, I help businesses create a clear strategy to maximise their income and expand their business online by reaching more customers globally and creating online products. 

I was working as software engineer for 14 years before starting my journey in the online world in 2012. I made my first money online €540 with 40 people signed up to an online program I created. I have been creating online programs, implementing various technologies and creating smarter systems to help expand my business and the businesses of my clients. I help business owners get out of the fog of their business, I give them clarity and focus to expand their business online by implementing smarter systems to help them reach new levels of income and global reach.

I help both the business owner and the business reach their goals. 

My clients have created new revenue streams, gained confidence in their business from new clarity, added €1000's of new income to their business, implemented processes to run their business more efficiently, increased their global positioning and a very nice added bonus I help them grow into the entrepreneur they want to be, expanding their mindset and habits to align to their goals.  

It Is Not Just A Journey Of Growing A Business, Customers, Sales But A Journey Of Growing You The Business Owner Too.

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