Create Your First Online Program Workshop - Martha Fraser

Create Your First Online Program Workshop


Online programs are everywhere on the internet! You are seeing people achieve great success and you would like some of this too, sound familiar?  So now it is your turn! I have seen so many people selling how to teach this valuable information for big bucks and to be honest sometimes all you need is the information to apply it, so I have decided to tell you EVERYTHING I know in 1 workshop May 25th Workshop Webinar 10.30am -3.30pm GMT!!

It is going to be phenomenal! You are going to get all the information you need in a step by step guide with my exact blueprint of how I created my online programs. You will no longer have that feeling of confusion of what to do next, you will have a clear plan that you can implement straight away.

You will also get a recording of the workshop to watch again at your leisure. This workshop is guaranteed to get you where you need to go – more income for you!. By the time you’re done, you will have lost your fear of moving forward, you will know exactly the next step you need to take and you will be able to create an income before you even create your program!

You are going to learn:
* How to create the right strategy for your First Online Program
* How to sell your program before you even create it
* How to create an audience to sell your program to
* How to nurture your audience so that you increase the % of people that will buy from you
* How to create a launch plan for your program
* How to create a content plan for your program
* How to create the content for you program, where to store it and how to give your customers access to it
* How to price your program
* Best practices to deliver your program
* Best practices to get repeat customers
* How to move past your fears and take action
* How to create an income when you are not even at work!
* How to sit back and feel proud of a job well done!
So if this is something you are interested, it is going to be an amazing learning event.

You may think this is too good to be true, but if you are familiar with my work you know I always want to see my clients succeed and that is my plan for this workshop to give you all the information you need. After this workshop you can reuse this strategy over and over again! So learn it once and apply it as many times as you want! Looking forward to helping you create the business and life you really want!

See you on the webinar May 25th Workshop Webinar 10.30am -3.30pm GMT!