Have you been thinking of creating an online business ?

But you have never got around to it?
Or you have started and it has been sitting in your folders?
never seeing the light of day!
Have you been looking for a mentor to help you get there faster with support?
  •  Do you want to create an online program and do two launches within the first 9 months of 2017?
  • Are you looking for support from a mentor who can help you avoid the pitfalls to get you to your results faster?
  • Are you looking for accountability and focus to reach your goals?​
  • Do you want get it done days to help you stay ahead?
  • Are you looking for someone to help you create the right mindset to help you set yourself up for success?
  • Are you tired of doing it alone?
  • Are you looking for a second pair of eyes on your business that can provide expert online advice, ideas, technology, tools and a mentor who can bring your business further and faster than if you continued on your own?

What if....

  • What if by the end of next year you had products that provided new income streams for you, what impact would that have on your life?
  • What if you could spend more time with your family? How much is that worth to you? To me this is priceless and one of the main reasons I expanded my business online. 
  • What if you reached the goals you set? How would you feel? How amazing would your life be?
  • What if instead of sabotaging yourself, you had someone to keep you on track.
  • What if you had someone to hold your hand through the process of your business so that, you were not alone.
  • What if you had someone who could help you grow not just in your business but in your mindset to make sure you are ready for success.
  • What if you finally felt supported and your big vision felt achievable all of a sudden. What if it was a matter of planning, getting direction, support and guidance, what if your big vision is just waiting for you to step up, make a plan and work it!
  • What if you had someone to help you open your wings to give you courage to fly, would you step up?

I  have created the 2017 Create & Launch Mastermind to do essentially this. 

 What I have found people want the most from mentor programs is

  • 1:1 time,
  • Direction,
  • Get It Done time,
  • Accountability,
  • Focus,
  • Support

These are the 6 key points of this mastermind. You and your business are unique and you need all of these elements to get your personalised direction to your success. 

What You Get

  •  1 2 Hour Customised Clarity Program Creation & Review Session. Value €250
  • 1 Landing page created for your online program. Value €1500
  • 6 Days Group Meetup where we will re-group, plan, teach, strategise and energise for the coming month.  value €2,982 
  • Every second week you can join the Mastermind Group Calls to discuss any issues that you need to talk through. value €1800. 
  • Bonus: You will also get access to the Shine Adventure Online Training Program and live calls​ value €597 run twice a year for 12 weeks, every year. 
  • Bonus 2: 2 day Business Retreat January 2017 to set you up for success. value €497

Value of the Mastermind €5,032

Actual Investment of the Mastermind €2,500


Rock It

  • 6 1 Day Rock It Days Value€2,982
  • 6 Mastermind Group Calls Value €900
  • 1:1 Launch Plan Review
  • 1:1 Clarity & Design Call Value €250
  • 1:1 Launch Plan Review
  • 1 Program Sales Page Designed For your Program, embedded on your website value €1500
  • 1 Webinar Support 3 calls, 1 before, 1 after and support during your webinar
  • 2 Day Retreat Jan 2017
  • Full Payment Bonus:  Shine Adventure 8 Week Online Program Value €597
  • Total Value €2,982

Full Payment

save €200


Payment Plan 

1 payment €500 &
5 Payments €300


Best Value

  • 6 Mastermind Group Calls Value €900
  • 6 1 Day Rock It Days Value€2,982
  • 1:1 Clarity & Design Call value €250
  • 1:1 Launch Plan Review
  • 1 Program Sales Page Designed For your Program value €1500
  • 1:1 Webinar Support 2 calls, 1 before, 1 after your webinar
  • Full Payment Bonus: 2 Day Retreat Jan 2017
  • Full Payment Bonus:  Shine Adventure 8 Week Online Program Value €597
  • Total Value €6,975

Full Payment

save €500


     Payment Plan

1 payment €2000 &
5 payments €300 

Benefits of working with me

  • I am here to support you, I want you to suceed, I want to help you get results
  • If you join this program, I will only accept people who I genuinely believe in, working together will help build your own belief and confidence in yourself and your business.
  • I want you to feel supported to help lessen your struggle of feeling on your own.
  • You set goals that are aligned with your overall business vision.
  • You stay focused and on track with your goals.
  • You work faster as you are more motivated
  • You get ideas and solutions to problems when you are stuck that may have taken you longer to figure out
  • You learn more about yourself and shift your mindset and behaviours to move your business forward.
  • You do not go on business detours away from your core values and you live a life that is more of what you actually want to live. You do not take on projects that distract you, you stay focused, on track. 
  • When you are stuck, you have someone to call.....no not the ghost busters! (lol) You are not alone and your business will not suffer, because I will be available at the other end of the phone. 

This Is Not For You If...

This is not for you if you are looking for a done for you service, this is a valuable mentoring program.

This Is For You If...

This program is for you if you are ready to put some smart systems in place, if you want to learn how to create a strategy for your business.

You are ready to get to work and get some implementation in place in your business. I will mentor and guide you during the process.

If you feel after reading this mentoring program outline, you would like to learn more please feel free to give me a call on 087-9120850.