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  • Finally clear the fog of your business and get clear on who you are and how your business works best!

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Do You Want To Be An Organised Online Business Entrepreneur

Which one of these business people are you?

1. So you are doing really well you are making money, you have a team - but you are about to explode with ideas, with managing all the balls in the air - you feel you are not managing your team effectively or efficiently and you want to be directing them more to make sure what they are doing are money making actions for your business!  You also want to talk to someone outside of your business confidentially feel free to share your big picture, so that you are reframe and restructure your business to get your YOUR best path. 

2. Operations costs high, not yielding enough from Online Biz, You are not managing your business, in fact you struggle to get a grip on how your business is a business at all! If you do not stop to reevaluate you will soon be out of business! You are not tracking metrics, or marketing as well as you could - you want to bring your business to the next level and bring ease to your life with a lot more income!


Let me help you both, get my 5 Day Business Reboot Checklist now and schedule some time to work on your business.

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In This 5 Days You Will

  • check
    Review, Revive and Restructure Your Business Offers
  • check
     Create An Annual Calendar To Leverage Your Income 
  • check
     Prioritise Your Focus, Energy and Projects.
  • check
    Expand your global impact faster,
  • check
    Avoid mistakes that save time and money,
  • check
    Create a plan that will use your energy to maximise your (& your team's) results.
  • check
    Create multiple streams of revenue
  • check
    Review your new customer funnels and if you do not have one we will create one.
  • check
    Review your list building process and your growth plan

You Need This If You Are
Feeling Like This... Is This You?

You need this if you are feeling

* lack of focus and organisation

* confused about how your offers fit into your year and how to prioritise them.

* no clear plan

* you are doing well but not with any real format and you do not know how to scale your success or organise your business or team to make sure you are maximising your results and impact.

* There is a fog over your business that you know is holding you back.


By the end of this 5 days Business Reboot
 you will have these 7 Business Assets :

1/ Restructured List of your Offers that leverage your income.

2/ 12 month launch and income calendar

3/ 12 month income projections plan

4/ 12 month launch overview plan for all offers

5/ Return On Investment and Energy Calculator - to help you see what to eliminate and what to focus on in your business.

6/ Action List of tasks for your VA or team - to make sure they are working on money making actions.

7/ All new offers implemented on your website and updated ecommerce to allow for online payment. 

Delivery: 5 Days Accountability, Two 2 hr Reboot Sessions, 2 Checkin Calls and 1 WrapUp Session.

By The End Of The 5 Days You Will 

* No longer feel overwhelmed.

* Be clear on what are your priority projects.

* What are your next actions and your team actions.

* Reach your ideal people quickly without feeling burnt out and fill your programs with ease.

* Feel confident that you are creating laser focus and putting your energy on YOUR most successful path

* Feel like you have lifted the fog from your business - Feel crystal clear about your next 12 months

* You now understand EXACTLY what you need to do to get your results.

* You will feel confident and in control of your business.

5 Days Business Reboot
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Full Price Investment
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€2500 EUR / $3000 USD

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