Easter Mama Biz Camp - Martha Fraser

Time To Be A Healthy Wealthy Mama

10 Days To Get Clarity On Your Business
12th-21st April 2017 Online

​Introductory Price €197  €97

Are You a Passionate Mama-preneur working for yourself, trying to hold everything together?

  • Do you ever get time to actually "Think" about your business?
  • Do you wish you could just block out some time to take a helicopter view on your business and see where it is going?
  • Do you have business goals set?
  • Do you wish you could get clear on what it is you are offering and how you can create a better strategy for you and your business to earn more income! 
  • Do you wish you could create a business that would grow but yet would give you more time off with the kids?
  • Do you wish you could work more from a place of calm rather than fire fighting?

Get a Head Start Going Back To Work After Easter!

Join me and a bunch of Biz Mama's where I am going to help you get super clear on your business. Yes, I know it is Easter and it may be a little crazy!! Joining Mama Biz Camp will help you get back to work after Easter with a head-start with ease & fun instead of feeling behind!

Plug Your Business Into My Easy Biz System

I have been working as an Online Business Mentor for the last few years, as a mum I need something that is easy and I can just apply. Let me make it easy for you, by giving you my system that you can plug your business into. Use the worksheets to follow my process and easily discover diamonds in your business.

10 Days Of Mama Easy Business

 How can you do this? And mind kids at Easter? Without feeling totally wrecked? ....the answer I will make it easy for you!

  • Print out the worksheets and bring them with you on Camps, home visits, let the ideas roll over in your head, take notes on the go.
  • Join the other Biz Mums in the online group for some Easter Sanity biz chat! 
  • Listen to the videos from your phone with your ear phones in while doing laundry, groceries or just out walking.
  • 20 mins a day over 10 days is all you need to do this!
  • All delivered online with video, pdfs and facebook Lives. 
  • Easy Every Day all you have to do is to fill in a one page template!
  • 10 Days, 10 templates, 20 mins a day.

By the end of the 10 days You will:

  • Pitch Your Biz To Group, whether you have a running business or just an idea. Build your confidence with a safe group of mama's just like you. 
  • Super clear on your Business & Income Model ​- plug your business into my templates - to create a Business Blueprint in 20 minutes!
  • Crystal Clear On Your Customer & Who They Are and how you can target them better - 20 minutes
  • Product Customer Matching Game! 10 mins!
  • Create Your Sales Process Blueprint in 15 minutes
  • Create Your Social Media Strategy for Success In 10 minutes! 
  • Set business growth goals and targets for you to work towards - 15minutes
  • Make a business income increase plan where you can reduce your hours but increase your income potential!

Learn to do business and mind yourself, self-care is key to your success.

I'm here to be your Biz Mama, let me look after you for a change:) 

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Martha Fraser

I am a Mama of two girls 6 and 4 and Online Business Coach and Mentor, a total techy at heart who loves business!

My goal was to create a business that allowed me to work and be a mum, where my income would not be dependent on the hours I worked. That is why I can work and bring my kids to and from school. 

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It Is Time To Take Control Of Your Life & Business To Become the Healthy, Wealthy Business Woman You Desire To Be

What if you believed in yourself more? What if your desires and goals could happen? How different would you work? Let's put some belief and confidence back in both you and your business in 10 great days of MamaBizCamp!

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