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“Understanding How Facebook Advertising Can Multiple Your Income”

In This Training You Will Learn

  • Why Facebook advertising is beneficial to you?
  • The 3 ways to create Facebook Ads .  
  • The one big mistake everyone makes with Facebook Ads. 
  • Why Facebook Ads forces you to improve your marketing strategy.  
  • Why you are loosing money with Facebook Ads
  • How Facebook Ads can multiply your business! 
  • 7 Things Not To Do In Facebook Ads. 
  • 6 Steps To Tap Into Your Business Potential Using Facebook Ads
  • Why Facebook Ads Is A Numbers Game That You Can Learn To Win

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What You Will Cover 

  • Finally understand the Boost Button
  • Learn How To Stop Wasting Stop Wasting Your Money & Time 
  • Learn How To Create Audiences Based On Your Best Competitors in 5 minutes! 
  • Finally understand the Facebook Pixel & how to use it. 
  • Create ads that you can track and know if they are working. 
  • Understand how to use the facebook ads manager. 
  • Learn how to name your ads so you can track them easily 
  • Learn how to target audiences in different countries and the big mistakes not to make.
  • Learn how to spend your budget for your best return

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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Using Facebook Ads

  • You do not know how
  • You think you need to spend alot of money.
  • You are worried if you use it you will do it wrong and waste money.  
  • You are worried you won't be able to cope with all the sales! Believe me when you increase your sales you also increase your funds to get the help you need to support your new clients.
  • You do not fully believe in what you are doing or your strategy and you are not ready to invest in yourself.

4 Reasons Why You Need This Course

  • You are not making the traction you want in your business and time is running out! 
  • You want to grow your tribe and your sales but you are so frightened of Facebook Ads, where to start and how much to spend!
  • You will not grow at the rate you desire without using adverting.  
  • If you do not leap now and try it , you might just miss your window of opportunity to make your business work and prove to those people in your life that you can do it!

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