Partners - Martha Fraser

Earn By Referring A Friend

Pick the program you want to be a partner with and register below, register for as many as you like

As a partner of, you will receive a % of the investment. Depending on the product you register for, the % will vary. 

On average the payment is 10%, so for example if the investment is €1500, you will receive €150. 

Payments are made  90 days post transaction automatically via paypal. 

If the customer signed up using a payment plan then you will receive your commission monthly also. 

All affiliates must use your affiliate links to ensure you are matched to get your payment. 

If prices changes then the commission will also reflect the new price. 

You cannot use the affiliate partner links to sign up to any programs yourself. 

Partner Programs

Create & Launch Mastermind Level 1 Evolve. Customer Investment €3000

 Commission 10%

For Create & Launch Mastermind Level 2 Fasttrack. Customer Investment €6000

 Commission 10%

VIP Clarity & Implementation Day Customer Investment €1500

 Commission 10%

VIP Accelerator Create & Launch 6 Week 1:1 Program. Customer Investment €5000

 Commission 10%