#5: 5 Steps To Organise Your Week To Get Your Sh*t Done!

In today's podcast I am giving you these 5 steps to finally stop procrastinating and get your shit done!!

In this Episode, you will learn:

  1. Why creation is your enemy
  2. Why too document litter is burying your success
  3. Why you have to keep the balance between consuming, creating and organising
  4. 5 Steps to nail your weekly process to get your sh*t done and let the system help you work smarter and get better results

Folders To Create In Your Drive or G-Drive:

  •  Weekly 1:1 Clients
  • Weekly Book
  • Weekly Admin
  • Weekly Marketing 
  • Weekly Sales
  • Weekly Projects
  • Weekly PR

In the podcast I talked about using my 5 Day Reboot Checklist to help you reboot your business you can access it here. https://marthafraser.com/rebootchecklist/

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