#17: Why Burnout Is Not The Answer - Martha Fraser

In today’s episode I talk about: 

  • How your mindset affects your business journey
  • What it means to achieve a goal
  • Why burnout is not the answer!
  • Daily good business practices

It has taken me years if I am honest to really understand, that getting out of my own way, to stop being my own bottleneck in my business is up to me. I have realized that some simple daily habits makes a massive difference and hey I’m not perfect but I work much better than when I was in my burnout mode years ago.

I wish I could go back and tell her it doesn’t have to be this hard. Your work is a piece of music not a destination you can make it sound and feel like heavy metal or your favorite song ever. It is up to you. 

I never thought this night owl could become an early bird but seeing the affect of burnout will make you change your ways for good!

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