Shine Online Business Retreat     

In 2 days You Will Receive A Personal Belief Renewal In Your Business and Yourself And Leave With Your Profitable 12 Month Income Plan and Strategy

Hi, I'm Martha Fraser Online Business Coach and Mentor. I create online programs, create online lead generating systems, I get customers online and I teach others to do the same...with a twist. You see I also teach them to Shine in their business and their lives so that they create incredible online businesses and thriving customers. I know from my journey the best work you can do on your business is first work on yourself. This retreat will work both on your business and yourself. They are one in the same. Both must be strong to move forward. 

There is no agenda as of yet if you are looking for one, if you have come across this, you probably know of me and the type of work I do. This is for you if you trust me, trust me to create an incredible 2 day experience for you, knowing that both you and your business will benefit massively from it.  ​

This is not for you if you need to know every detail of the weekend, why because this is going to be a transformation weekend, there are going to be both mindset and business shifts happening and that is the kind of stuff that you cannot bullet point. If you feel called to this weekend, then this is for you.

You have 2 options. There will be a group of people in the room that day who are meant to be there, who want to stop repeating broken patterns of behaviour in their business and their lives. The right group will come together to create an amazing experience. Will you be part of it? Which option will you choose?

  • This year repeats the patterns of last year
  • You rock the next 12 months ahead and create amazing results in your business!

The investment in the Shine Business Retreat Early Bird Price Is €500. The full price of this retreat is €1500. Accomodation and Food is not included.