Solo-preneur - Martha Fraser

Thank you for clicking on this page. If you are on this page you work for yourself with no staff, perhaps you have a contracted assistant or you are just starting out in your business.

You are at the stage where you know you would like to start or expand your business online. There are many ways in which we can work together, to help make this happen. Have a look down below at the different options I have made available for people. I have divided these methods of working with people into different levels of commitment.

Let me explain, so when you are at the start of your journey of going online it can take some time to get into it, learn the terminology, get yourself set up online and also your level of both time and budget may also govern how we can work together. I have tried my best to make an option available to all levels, so that nothing stops you from achieving your online dreams:)

​The Power Hours are delivered online. These power hours will give you time to work with an online expert strategist and implementor to help you solve a problem where you are stuck in your business, get you unstuck and move forward. . These power hours are an opportunity to work with me on a lower investment  and time. This is a great session to also let you understand if we are a good fit to work further together further.The investment in moving your business forward for the Power Hour is €297

The Business Breakthrough Session will allow us to work on a bigger issue you are having and really get complete on a bigger issue. Often you can be stuck in one place and you need to move forward however you just need someone to bounce off and help you make the best decisions for your business or help you on a particular problem. The investment in the Business Breakthrough session is €497

The VIP Morning allows us to go deep on one area of your business to help give you clarity on your business strategy and income models. By the end of this session you will leave feeling relieved, clearer with focus and a plan. You will leave with a strategy for your business, a to-do list and an implementation plan. Depending on where you are in your business we may also get some implementation work done on the strategy.  The investment in the VIP morning is €777.

The VIP Day is a powerful transformational day.  The VIP Clarity Day is a unique experience for people who are stuck in their business, lacking clarity on their business model, income strategy, and who want to expand their business online reaching a global audience. This day is for you if want to transform your business in one day and fast track your business to a whole new level.

This can be done online or in person. Choosing to really take a quantum leap forward in your business and yourself, your mindset of how you are running your business. In this day we focus on your desires of how you want your business model to work, I help give you enormous clarity to really leave with a clear head, with a new understanding of what your business actually is, how you can earn your income and how your online business will operate. This is a day of clarity, focus, strategy and implementation. This is the day that will transform your business , save you time and frustration and help you jump forward in your business instead of wasting time trying to create a business on your own that you are not even sure if you are on track .  The investment in the VIP Day is €1650

This is an immersive experience where over a long weekend I take you from 0 to hero online, you may come with nothing but I will take both you and your business (or potential business) on a journey to create your online vision. You will leave this experience with clarity, focus, and an online business implemented and ready to take sales. This is for someone who is ready to invest, to stop dreaming and create the business that has been in their head way too long! It is time to make it a reality!

If you are ready to really stop talking about creating an online business and in 3 days Get IT Done, this is an incredible transformation weekend. You will get clarity, structure, focus, and your whole online business created! You will leave with everything you need to take massive action straight away.. Tick all the boxes, let me create your online business with you in 3 days, leave with relief, satisfaction and an incredible feeling of massive unleveling in your business. The investment in the 3 days is €5,000.

If you would like to join in a business breakthrough day to gain clarity, focus and the strategy you need to leap forward in your business this day is for you. Learn from a small group of people who are on a similar journey to you. Leave with focus, a clear strategy, an action plan and implementation work done to jump your business forward. The investment in the VIP Group Day is €800. 

The Create & Launch Mastermind is for people who want to create and launch an online business leveraging their services and knowledge online and expanding their income. If you are ready to join an intimate group of people who are ready to take action and make traction in their business this is for you. In  9 months work with me and a small group to really transform your business by expanding online. I will help you transform both your bread and butter business and also help you create an online income from creating online products and getting real online sales. This is an incredible program of transformation, breakthroughs, up levelling in both mind and business to leverage both your time and your business. Book a call with me if you want to apply to join our next mastermind. 

This is an incredible experience. This is 2 days for you to come join an incredible group of like minded people who are working to create an online business. It is an opportunity to plan, strategize, shift your mindset for success and implement. This is for you if you want to move both you and your business to a whole new level. Book a call with me to see if this is a right fit for you.