If you would like to inspire or motivate your organisation, team or entrepreneurs with regard to the following topics or suggested topic, you can book Martha to speak at your event:

  • The Startup Mindset
  • Self Care For Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Daily Business Management for new Businesses
  • How to be a "Sane" self-employed Mum​
  • How to create increased income from the Online World
  • Keeping Your Organisation Up To Date With Social Media
  • How To Grow More Customers Online
  • How To Build Business Relationships Online
  • Personal Mindset For Daily Success.​
  • Is Your Business Organised? 

Martha Fraser at Martha Fraser's The Shine Adventure held a 1 day workshop to help you learn the strategies, technology and mindset that you need to implement to sell your product, knowledge or services online to expand your income . Organised by Online Entrepreneur Martha Fraser . Photo:Andrew Downes, xposure.