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My Favourite Tools!

Do you sometimes wonder what tools your should use or equipment or what software apps could really help you? Let me save you time and money! 

I'm doing online business for years and I have tried a lot of apps and software and I have read a tonne of books. On this page I offer links to tools, books, software and more that I use or have used at some stage that I only recommend because they brought me value to my business and got me this far!

All of the items on this page have affiliate links so just to let you know I do receive a small payment if you purchase through these links. I appreciate you buying through these links as you are saving time, money and frustration that I have all ready gone through by figuring out what works!

OutSourcing The Work  


The fastest way to get something done is to get an expert to do it for you!! 

Fiverr is one of the best resources for hiring, you may need to kiss some frogs before you find the right person. But then you have someone who will be an asset in your business. 

Check our Fiverr by clicking here now :





Acuity Scheduling 

I have used acuity scheduling for a number of years now. 

What I love about acuity scheduling are these things

1: The number of features it has compared to most booking systems

2. There is a free version however the free version does not link up to your calendar.  The free version is ok to get started with but do then pay the small fee a month it is worth it. 

3. You can create checkout pages for products using this product. So if you do not have a checkout software this also does that for you.

4. You can book group classes.

You can access acuity scheduling using this link :



ConvertKit Email Manager - €29/mo approx

Hi folks I just wanted to share with you a small introduction to Convertkit Email manager, I have recently changed over from mail chimp and I love love love it!! So this is just a brief introduction I will bring you more next week. Comment below and let me know if you have any questions and I can come back and answer them for you. I hope this helps you. There are so many email managers to choose from convertkit, mailchimp, active campaign, getresponse, aweber and then the big guys like infusionsoft, ontraport and more!

The thing to do is to start building your list, just start with what you can afford right now and then when the time is right upgrade to something else that serves you better. You have to do what you can with where you are right now, if you can afford €29/month I would go for convertkit. I have to say I am a partner with them, however I wouldn't recommend them unless I used them myself! 

You can access convertkit here:



Customer Growth Application €11 approx/mo

How do you manage your customer details? How do you keep track of where you keep their details, when to contact them next and what deals you have in the pipeline? 

Since finding OnePageCRM, I couldn't believe how simple but effective this application is. It is like having a customer management assistant for a very small monthly fee! It is time to manage the most valuable thing in your business, your customers! 

You can sign up for a free trial here:



Builder & Landing Pages 

Thrive Architect
The Best Website Page Builder For Online Entrepreneurs

Thrive architect allows you to set up pages in minutes that look professional. 

It also offers a range of premade professional landing pages for sales, webinars and online courses that you just plug your information into to. 

Get it here through my affiliate link. Click Here To Grab thrive architect now and get your website super professional in a few clicks. - Lead Growth Application €35/mo

Leadpages is a fantastic tool to create landing pages or sales pages very quickly for your website. 

You can access leadpages here: 

Video Storage & Player 

Vimeo Video Player

Vimeo is a video player that will host your online program videos with no adds and play them to your user with great quality. 

Click Here To Grab Your Vimeo Video Pro Account

Online Course Management WordPress Plugin 

Wishlist Member- $197

Do you want a membership site but you do not want to pay the monthly price?

I use wishlist member and highly recommend it! It is an incredible plugin for wordpress websites that all you to create a membership site for your online digital course. 

You can learn more about  Wishlist member  here:

Video Conference Software

Zoom Video Meetings, Webinars €14.99 approx/mo

I wanted to recommend zoom platform as a great video application for online meetings and webinars - for 50 participants it is only €14.99 !! 

Very easy to use, great quality meetings and great value.

If you are looking for something like this, this is what I recommend:)

Checkout Pages 

Payment CheckOut Page & Affiliate Management Software

Hi folks a good few people have asked me in the last couple of weeks about what is the best checkout page and affiliate management service for your online products or services if you are hosting them on your wordpress website and not using a 3rd party app like teachable, thinkific, infusionsoft or ontraport etc.

I'm going to comment here so that hopefully I can explain it well and you all benefit from the answers.

So when I first started selling online I was only using a paypal link - and boy did this work for a long time!
I then upgraded to using Samcart which is good and has all the bells and whistles but I was wondering was there something else out there to create checkout pages and host my affiliate system.

I was hosting my online courses on my wordpress website so I needed a checkout page app. Had I moved my courses over to a 3rd party app I wouldn't have needed it. However, I wanted to keep my courses on my website, for now why pay re-occurring charges when it was working perfectly fine hosting on my website.

So I went looking and I found thrivecart. Use my link here to get Thrivecart and save $$.

Thrivecart is one of the best investments in my business I use it to create checkout pages for my online products. This helps increase conversion rates. Previously all I had was a paypal button, when clients hit the paypal button they may change their mind.

With Thrivecart checkout page they have a bullet list of reminders of what they are getting and also a testimonial to show how good this product is. There is also the great features of adding on an extra product or service upsell through order bump.

I also love the affiliate management feature and how easy it is to use. I can literally set up affiliates to any of my products or services very quickly. This product has saved me so much money as I got in at the Beta stage before they release it. I was using Samcart which is $97/mo. The lifetime package is currently $600 - you never pay any more for using this application again! ! This software will be going to public release soon and will eventually be $97/mo.

The benefits of Thrivecart are the following:

  • Create checkout pages
  • Make payment easier for your clients offer both paypal and stripe.
  • Take debit cards directly.
  • Offer multiple payment options on the one page - full payment, subscription payment
  • Show the benefits of the product/service
  • Show testimonials
  • Affiliate management  for your products or services.  

Get ThriveCart Now and Save $$$

This is one of my checkout pages below - way better than a paypal link! 


Checkout page increased conversion tool

Do you ever wonder why people click on your checkout button but do not buy? Between clicking and seeing the price, they forget everything else! Who you are, what you do, how you can help them and what you have done for others! All they see is the price!

So Samcart have come up with an ingenious checkout page that helps you bring all of that information to the checkout page, so the buyer still feels connected to the reason for buying, sees more than just the price, but the opportunity and the value of the conversion! Since using Samcart I have increased my sales number and also created other revenue streams I did not have before. This is a must for serious online entrepreneurs. 

Click here to get Samcart


Sell digital downloads, subscriptions & services automatically and securely with sendowl. Works with any website, social network, blog or ecommerce store. 

I use sendowl to manage my affiliates and my EU digital Vat.

You can sign up for a free trial here:

Get Your Online Entrepreneur Equipment 

Get your camera stand to create quality videos with your iphone that are at eye level when you stand and are steady! This is the stand I have and I love it!

click the image to purchase and learn more. 

Click here to purchase your iphone mount to go with the stand, this simply screws on the top of your Hama 62 stand and sets you up in under a minute to be ready to record great videos! 

Get great sound for your online program recordings or live calls. 

Get Your Online Entrepreneur Accessories

Be Bright and Sparkle Mug

Sometimes all you need is a little sparkle in your day! 

Online Stars Rewards!

When you have shined online and it time for a treat for all your smart work well done!