VIP Accelerator Create & Launch - Martha Fraser

VIP Accelerator Create & Launch

VIP Accelerator Create & Launch 1:1 Mentoring

Are you Ready To Leap Forward In Your business

Are you an expert in your area of business?

Are you tired of over working, long hours and not having enough time for yourself?

Are you tired of your income not meeting matching the hours you are working?

Are you making a great income but now you want to leverage your income and work less.  

Are you ready to work smarter and create systems to work for you?

How It Works

Over 8 weeks we are going to work intensively together to Create and Launch Your Online Program!

By the end of our time together you will have  the following setup:

  1. A sales page on your website to accept payment of your online program
  2. An online program defined, designed and created.
  3. Membership site for your customers to login and access your program
  4. Email management systems setup with automated email sequences
  5. Payment gateways to accept payments online
  6. A fast-track understanding of your online sales funnel
  7. Clarity on your offerings, your programs and your prices.  

What You Get 

VIP Clarity & Strategy Day

1 VIP Intensive Day with me working on the clarity and strategy your online vision. 

We will meet in a 4* Hotel, where we will set our intentions over coffee for the day. 

During our VIP Day we will clarify your whole business model and outline your big online vision!

We will setup the skeleton of your online business, which we will work on over the next 8 weeks intensively together. 

8 Weeks 1:1 Mentoring and Coaching Online

Over these 8 weeks we will be working intensively on your business. 

There will be 2 calls a week.

1 Call will be coaching and strategy.

1 Call will be implementation. 

We will work through creating Your Signature Online Program together. 

Professional Graphics 

All Accelerator Clients will have a graphics package included in this VIP Accelerator Mentor & Coaching package.